The Dangerous Summer – Coming Home (Album Review)

With a history that dates back to the year 2006, The Dangerous Summer are back at it again in 2022 with their latest album Coming Home. Their sixth overall studio album, it comes after their 2020 EP That Is Left Of The Blue Sky which was released following the band’s departure from longtime label home Hopeless Records. A surprise move to some to see them leave Hopeless Records, we all should accept that sometimes change is good. That in mind, Coming Home is a fitting addition to the band’s story and it might just be the exodus you are looking for. 

Their first on indie label Rude Records, the new album finds new forces forming with founder AJ Perdomo (lead vocals/songwriter, bass guitar) and senior bandmate Matt Kennedy (lead guitar, backing vocals) alongside Guitarist Josh Withenshaw as well as Drummer Christian Zawacki. Released on August 26th, and complete with eleven songs, it all starts with a smooth, melodic beginning all thanks to the title-track. Complete with a gradual build-up that launches in full force midway through, next up,  “All I Ever Wanted Was A Chance To Know Myself” offers even more personal, sincere lyrical content. A single, the latter track reportedly was the first written for this new album and it is easy to see a good deal of attention was put into crafting the structure and catchy vocal lines. 

From here you have the melancholic vibes of “Sideways,” more catchy, upbeat “Dimensional Love,” and beautiful acoustic based “Big Green Eyes.” This is followed by “Gold Star” melting your heart with a soft melody and heartwarming lyrics before “Meet Me in the Morning” comes on with an equally mellow arrangement, but also irresistible swaying quality. And if all of these songs are not enough to get your ears tingling, “Polarity” will invite you to get lost in thought, “Wide Open” picks up the tempo so you don’t drift too far away, “Someday” brings you back down a bit right before you are sent off with a highly emotional “Goodbye.”

Overall, The Dangerous Summer has created yet another emo-laden collection of songs that you can easily lose yourself in. Mostly filled with relaxed vibes all the way through, in the end, it is a good way to forget your worries… at least for a little while. A break for the mind and a vacation for your heart, Cryptic Rock gives Coming Home 4 out of 5 stars. 

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