The Dark and The Wicked (Movie Review)

In 2008 Writer-Director Bryan Bertino stunned the world with his film The Strangers, which raked in over 82 million dollars in the box office, and earned itself a sequel in 2018. Now, Friday, November 6, 2020, he looks to do it yet again with a different kind of movie called The Dark and The Wicked.  

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Set for release by RLJE Films in theaters, On Digital and On Demand, The Dark and The Wicked is a new Horror film that is sure to have you on the edge of your seat. Creating the feeling of seclusion, we all know that it can often drive a person temporarily mad, or even permanently insane. That said, for brother and sister Michael (Michael Abbott Jr.: Mud 2012, Loving 2016) and Louise (Marin Ireland: Hell or High Water 2016, The Umbrella Academy 2020), these are more than just feelings, because they start to become a reality! 

Going home to their parent’s secluded farm house, they hope to help mom (Julie Oliver-Touchstone: Bounded by Evil 2018, Preacher series) as their dad (Michael Zagst: Divine Access 2015) sadly lay on his deathbed. While Michael and Louise think she is just grieving over her husband, they fail to catch on to an the air of evil entity of sorts. Then, after their mom warns them that they should leave, she mysteriously commits suicide. Shocking, they soon discover her diary with ramblings of her newfound Christianity and the rants of an evil that comes for their father every night.

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When something is dead, it usually stays dead, right? Well, for Michael this does not seem to be the case as he begins to experience visions of his dead mother. Feeling as if she is after him, is it really his mother, or it something far more sinister ?  Is their truly a dark force among them? Most importantly, why is it after their father?

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A plot that keeps you guessing all the way through, even if you are a non believer, The Dark and The Wicked, certainly spark you to question your own faith. Featuring some horrific scenes including the mutilation of the sheep, the brutality of the mother’s suicide, there is an overall depressing vibe that really sets this movie apart from most Horror movies out there today.

Adding to it all, the acting is on point from the key cast members, includes Xander Berkeley (Salem series, The Walking Dead series) portraying a priest, and the few jump scares amidst it all are quite effective. Complete with a phenomenal story, while The Dark and The Wicked may be a slow burn, it is sure to keep you interested and afraid to go home alone. That is why Cryptic Rock gives it 5 out of 5 stars.

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