The Dreaming shine Whiskey a Go Go West Hollywood, CA 11-12-14

the dreaming slide - The Dreaming shine Whiskey a Go Go West Hollywood, CA 11-12-14

The Dreaming shine Whiskey a Go Go West Hollywood, CA 11-12-14

Hollywood, CA based Hard Rock band The Dreaming has built a strong following since their inception over a decade ago.  Risen from the ashes of Industrial Rock act Stabbing Westward, The Dreaming was a new beginning for mastermind Christopher Hall in his tireless effort to create his perfect musical vision.  Fronted by Hall, as of 2013 The Dreaming features two former Stabbing Westward members, keyboardist Walter Flakus and drummer Johnny Haro, along with Deadsy Carlton Bost on guitar and new bassist Francesca Alexandra.  Having not released a studio album since their sophomore Puppet in 2011, the band will return with their new album, Rise Again, in February 2015 on Metropolis Records.   With many fans petitioning for a Stabbing Westward reunion, odds are they will not happen anytime soon, but there is comfort to know The Dreaming is alive, well, and ready to unleash a new record.  Gearing up for the release, The Dreaming made an appearance in front of their hometown on Wednesday November 12th returning to Whiskey a Go Go in West Hollywood for the first time since April.

As direct support for the evening, fellow Angelenos TIEKEN took the stage first.  Comprised as a three-piece act, the band consist of twin brothers Trevin Tieken on bass/vocals and Trent10 Tieken on drums/vocals, along with Grimm Speck on guitar.  Filled with dark imagery, the band immediately grabbed the audience’s attention with their Gothic, yet raunchy, style of Rock.  Reminiscent of classic New Wave, with a harder Industrial Rock edge, along with some Sleaze songs like “Dead Rock Stars” and the Nu-Metal tingling “Dig In,” the band showed diversity in their debut at Whiskey a Go Go.  Fans of Marilyn Manson and Davey Suicide should check these guys out as they are on a road to big things.  Pick up their album Not So Innocent and see what they are all about.  

With Whiskey a Go Go generously packed for a Wednesday evening, The Dreaming were up next and ready to Rock-n-Roll.  Coming out with the title track of their last album, “Puppet,” Hall’s voice sounded as powerful and distinctive as ever.  Losing himself in the moment, Hall showed vivid emotional release with each word sung as he closed his eyes and held onto his microphone.   Keeping the heavy mix of Bost’s guitars and Flakus’ keyboards coming, “Breathing,” “End In Tears,” and “Every Trace” flowed perfectly.  With the high dosage of Puppet tracks to start the set off, one could not help but reflect on how well put together the record was, which simply aroused more excitement for the release of Rise Again.  Throwing the crowd for a curve, Stabbing Westward’s stand out “What Do I Have to Do?” came next and had everyone completely enthralled.  As Hall recreated the the eighteen year old song in flawless fashion, he kept the surprises coming with a cover of the moody Depeche Mode piece “It’s No Good.”  Fitting to Hall’s vocal delivery, the thick bass of Alexandra added a warmth to the rendition which had everyone cheering.

At this point in the performance the audience pondered what The Dreaming would offer next.  Answering the call, they rattled out one of Stabbing Westward’s final singles, “So Far Away,” followed by new song “Alone.”  With the latter featuring a video released on Halloween, it was easy to hear the old textures of Stabbing Westward influencing The Dreaming in a big way.  Completely captivating the room, the set concluded with Stabbing Westward hit “Save Yourself” and fan-favorite “Shame.”  This was a show full of intense feelings both for the band and their fans from start to finish.  There is no doubt a new chapter in The Dreaming is transpiring in front of followers’ very eyes and now everyone is counting down the days until the release of Rise Again.

Photo credit: Diane Gallemore

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