The End Machine - The Quantum Phase

The End Machine – The Quantum Phase (Album Review)

The End Machine band 2024

Advanced warning: the new The End Machine album, The Quantum Phase, will get you a speeding ticket if you are not careful. The feeling of pure freedom and raw energy will take you back to high school. In fact, you may want to roll down your windows, crank up the radio as loud as it would go without a care in the world. In enough words, the boys in The End Machine have succeeded in building a time machine.

A bold way to introduce an album, The Quantum Phase is set for release on March 8, 2024 through Frontiers Music s.r.l., and marks the third full-length offering from The End Machine. Produced by bassist Jeff Pilson (Dokken, Foreigner, Revolution Saints), and features the mastery guitar work of George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob), it is matched with the backbone beats of Steve Brown, plus the refreshing vocals of Girish Pradhan. A solid lineup, if you are looking for a nice love ballad to impress your girl this album is not for you. However, if you like lots of energy and great hooks… look no further.

Briefly examining the history, Lynch and Pilson have been bandmates off and on and friends for over forty years. Knowing each other inside and out, their teaming in The End Machine is perfect. Consisting of eleven tracks, from the first song, you hear the unmistakable sound of Lynch and Pilson. That said, if you have been following either of them for a while you know they each have a distinct sound.  For Lynch it is his phrasing and the way he structures chords that stand out as a fingerprint that is all his own. For Pilson it is a rock-solid performance that is vital and perfect for every song. Put the two styles together and you get an amazing listening experience.

Complimenting it all, Steve Brown is no stranger to this duo either; as he is the younger brother of Mick Brown (Dokken, Lynch Mob) who has been in the trenches with Lynch and Pilson for decades. Overall, he definitely holds his own and does an amazing job on this record. However, the newcomer to this project is Girish Pradhan whom you may have heard from his work with his band Girish and the Chronicles and, more recently, with Joel Hoekstra’s 13. Pradhan replaces the recently departed Robert Mason who handles the lead vocal duties for Warrant.

In all, you can listen to The Quantum Phase repeatedly looking to find holes in the songs that you could pick apart. Although, what you find is honestly none; because it is amazing from the first track, “Hole Extinction,” all the way through the last track “Into the Blazing Sun.” Hard to pick favorites, other standout strong rockers include “Hell Or High Water,” “Burning Man,” “Shattered Glass” “Heart” but also “Hunted.”

If you were a fan of any of these guy’s projects over the years you will not be disappointed one bit with what they do on The End Machine’s The Quantum Phase. To put it simply, it rocks! And if you are looking for a good starting point, check out the lead single “Silent Winter”; a song about what path the planet is heading if it stays on its current trajectory. So, if you are searching for new music that still gives you that same thrill as the older music, The Quantum Phase is it. But do yourself a favor, pay attention to the speedometer… don’t say you weren’t warned. Turn it up, because Cryptic Rock gives The Quantum Phase 5 out of 5 stars.

The End Machine - The Quantum Phase
The End Machine – The Quantum Phase/ Frontiers s.r.l (2024)

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