The Exies - Closure

The Exies – Closure (EP Review)

There are some stories which have a distinctive conclusion, while others are left hanging in the balance for eternity. In the case of The Exies, what seemed to be an abrupt ending, is having the next chapter written as we speak.

A Southern California Rock-n-Roll band with roots that date all the way back to 1997, The Exies put out their self-titled debut in 2000, built some interest, and by 2002 were signed on with Virgin Records. An exciting opportunity, soon they would release Inertia in 2003 to positive acclaim that helped the album reach 115 on the Billboard 200 charts. Putting them right in the thick of the top tier Alternative Metal bands at the time, looking to build on this momentum, the band released of Head for the Door a little over a year later in 2004.

All moves that worked out pretty well, the band would go on to tour with everyone from Velvet Revolver to Mötley Crüe, however, detours would soon follow. Signing up with Eleven Seven Music and teaming with Sixx:AM Vocalist James Michael as their producer, the band returned boldly in 2007 with A Modern Way of Living with the Truth. A very solid collection of songs, call it lack of promotion or just bad luck, the album just never received the recognition it deserved. Nonetheless, The Exies carried on for a few more years, but by 2010 were all but dissolved. A true bummer, you have to believe this band was absolutely sold short… because between Inertia and Head for the Door they sold a near combined half of million records!   

Proving there was something there, Exies Lead Vocalist/Guitarist Scott Stevens would go onto to co-write songs with Hard Rock heavyweights like Halestorm and Shinedown in the years to follow. This is while Bassist Freddy Herrera would go on to join Everclear, holding a position with them for fifteen years and counting. All factors that make you wonder what may have been with The Exies, in 2023, Stevens and the band returned with their first new song in fifteen long years called “Spirits High.” Coming seemingly out of nowhere, and something that steadily grabbed attention, what followed was the release of another single in March of 2024 called “For What It’s Worth,” a reunion performance held on May 29th, leading up to the big announcement of a new EP called Closure.

You see, a lot has transpired in the years that The Exies have been away. Doing what life does, and that unfolds in unexpected ways, Stevens felt the time was right to put out some music under The Exies banner yet again, and the result became Closure.  Set for release on June 28th, Closure is a set of six songs (including “Spirits High,” “For What It’s Worth,” as well as the most recent single “s.A.D.”) which finds Stevens making good on his own unfinished business. Truly a mature collection, these tracks are introspective, and most importantly honest, all while being on a path towards finding peace of mind.

Stevens, energized and inspired, delivers Hard Rock that is melodic, but above all authentically The Exies fans remember. Not putting on a facade to fit in with any current music trends, these songs are straight ahead Hard Rock with hooky choruses and passionate vocals that aim to please. Anchored by “For What It’s Worth,” “Spirits High” and “s.A.D.” have darker, yet effective tones, while “Euphoria” rocks hard, “The Hill” finds its own groove, as “Closure” hits you with everything it’s got.

Overall, The Exies return is not only surprising, but proof that life is truly what you make of it. Let’s hope that this new EP jumpstarts even more music… because there is nothing half-hearted going on here. That is why Cryptic Rock gives Closure 4.5 out of 5 stars.

The Exies - Closure
The Exies – Closure (2024)

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