The Flood (Movie Review)

Thunder rumbles, lightning strikes and the rain pours down incessantly. The roads are inaccessible, people frantically hammer boards to their windows and still the water levels keep rising and the wind keeps howling. Things couldn’t possibly get much worse right? Wrong! How about if along with a weather emergency, there was also a horde of giant hungry alligators brutally devouring everyone they came across!

The Flood / Saban Films (2023)

Set for release in theaters, On Demand and Digital on July 14, 2023 through Saban Films, this is the premise of The Flood which is directed by Brandon Slagle (The Dawn 2019, Frost 2022) and co-written by Josh Ridgeway (The Sector 2016, Howlers 2019) and Chad Law (6 Bullets 2016, Section 8 2022). It is flood season in Louisiana and the action introduces the audience to a busload of dangerous prisoners being transported by a pair of prison guards. The worsening weather soon makes it clear that the bus is not going to make its intended destination and so the guards call on the services of the local sheriff and her small team. Re-routing to the police station, it soon becomes clear that the bus is not the only group of criminals that the sheriff is going to have to contend with. Unbeknownst to the officers of the law, a shady gang has plans to break one of the prisoners out and lies in wait.

The above description may make it sound like The Flood is trying to juggle too many plot points. However, the mix of dubious characters, with differing nefarious purposes, actually adds another exciting level of tension and danger to the film. Not only is there imminent danger from the horde of alligators, there is arguably just as much danger coming from the criminals themselves. Sheriff Newman (Nicky Whelan: Halloween II 2009, Hall Pass 2011) certainly has her work cut out for her.

The Flood / Saban Films (2023)

One of The Flood’s most notable elements is that the film has a strong female character at the heart of it. Whelan takes on the role of Sheriff Newman, who is smart, capable and more practical than all the men put together, really well and the audience roots for her throughout. Whelan is joined by a number of other recognizable faces, including Caspar Van Dien (Starship Troopers 1997, Sleepy Hollow 1999), Louis Mandylor (The Debt Collector 2018, Rambo: Last Blood 2019), Devanny Pinn (Crossbreed 2019, The Dawn 2019) and Mike Ferguson (Amityville Rising 2022, Static Codes 2023) to name just a few. Overall, The Flood boasts a great ensemble cast.

Whilst The Flood is low budget, and thus there will be those who bemoan the effects and production value, actually the film is really effective at providing the requisite sound effects and gore. Creature Features should never be taken too seriously, and The Flood is great fun to watch. After all, how many other films treat audiences to seeing a neo-Nazi get their comeuppance via a brutal alligator dismembering! That is well worth the ticket price alone and that is why Cryptic Rock gives The Flood 4 out of 5 stars.

The Flood / Saban Films (2023)

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