The Get Up Kids – Kicker (EP Review)

A charm of the Indie Rock/Emo scene, The Get Up Kids – Matt Pryor (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Jim Suptic (Lead Guitar), Rob Pope (Bass), Ryan Pope (Drums), and James Dewees (Keyboards) – are back via the four track EP, Kicker, set to drop on June 8, 2018, via Polyvinyl Records.

Indie Rock/Emo royalty, The Get Up Kids formed back in 1995 and two years later released their debut LP, 1997’s Four Minute Mile. Recorded in just 48 hours, Four Minute Mile garnered The Get Up Kids a draw on the Indie circuit and attention from several major record labels. Carrying a heavy dose of melodic Indie Pop Rock tendencies, The Get Up Kids’ sophomore album, 1999’s Something to Write Home About, distinguished the band as a success amongst fans and gained The Get Up Kids critical acclaim.

Thanks to hits like “Holiday” and “Ten Minutes,” and a strong experimentation with keyboards, Something to Write Home About showcased The Get Up Kids’ unbridled energy and emotion. Lyrics covering issues like record label headaches and the struggles with leaving friends and family behind after moving to Los Angeles, California, proved a recipe for success. Amongst chart-topping heaven, The Get Up Kids toured for three years in support of Something to Write Home About while opening for fellow hit-makers like Green Day and Weezer.

Needing a change, in 2002, The Get Up Kids switched up their sound and released the Alternative Rock friendly On A Wire. Returning to their Indie Pop Rock roots, The Get Up Kids released 2004’s Guilt Show before, sadly, disbanding in 2005. Then, to the delight of fans, The Get Up Kids reunited in 2008 ready for a new chapter. As of 2011, with the release of their fifth studio album, There Are Rules, the boys of The Get Up Kids have been back in full-swing when they are not busy having fun being responsible adults by virtue of raising kids, playing kickball, starting businesses, moving, trying not to get accidentally electrocuted on stage again (careful Rob), earning a Geology degree (congrats Jim!), or battling social media.

Showcasing the maturation of The Get Up Kids, the Kicker EP is one of those albums sure to make fans wish the band released a new song every single day. A fun bunch, the title, Kicker, is an ode to The Get Up Kids’ fascination with the game foosball, which the band loves to play in their rehearsal space; and also dates back to the band’s first European tour. Starting off Kicker, the bright, fuzzy-toned melodies of “Maybe” precede “Better This Way,” a song about simply letting life play out rather than forcing things. Hosting a lively drum build-up, “I’m Sorry” is very reflective of learning a few things about life and not wanting to let someone down (“I just really wanna see you smiling”). Quick to the finish, “My Own Reflection” holds a catchy emotional build-up, bursting with the colorful enthusiasm for which The Get Up Kids are famous.

A short and candy-coated delight, the Kicker EP marks the return of The Get Up Kids and the band’s remarkable talent for conceiving music which immediately catches your emotions and puts a smile on your face. In enough words to fans, go check out the Kicker EP, as these four tracks will remind you why you love The Get Up Kids so much. A choice effort, CrypticRock gives Kicker 5 out of 5 stars.

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