The Ghosts of Monday (Movie Review)

The Ghosts of Monday (Movie Review)

A haunted hotel with a macabre past? Check. A cast of characters who are pre-loaded with tension in their blood? Check. Paranormal activity linked to a potential curse? Indeed! It’s all lurking inside the walls of The Ghosts of Monday, a new Horror-Thriller that arrived on Digital, Blu-ray, and DVD as of January 23, 2023, thanks to Cleopatra Entertainment.

Directed by Francesco Cinquemani (The Poison Rose 2018, Lockdown Generation 2021), co-written alongside Loris Curci (Thy Kingdom Come 2008, Girl Next 2021) and Andy Edwards (Zombie Spring Breakers 2016, Midnight Peepshow 2021), The Ghosts of Monday does not waste a second of its 77-minute runtime, offering its first jump scare at just five minutes before diving into the thick of its story within 20 minutes.

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That tale revolves around the Grand Hotel Gula, built in 1880, on the exotic shores of Cypress, and currently undergoing renovation after two decades of abandonment. The hotel is the central figure in the pilot episode of a new docu-series directed by Eric (Mark Huberman: Band of Brothers mini-series, Vikings: Valhalla TV series), a man who is one lousy project away from career implosion.

With pressure mounting to produce a successful package complete with plenty of paranormal activity, from both the Gula’s new owners—Frank (Anthony Skordi: The Offer TV series, The Seven Faces of Jane 2022) and Rosemary (Maria Ioannou: Waiting Room 2018, S.O.S. Survive or Sacrifice 2020)—as well as the show’s producers—Dom (Loris Curci) and Pat (Joanna Fyllidou: Swedish Dicks TV series, Homeland TV series)—Eric is in a tough spot before the cameras even begin to roll.

Add to this the antics of the show’s eccentric host Bruce (Julian Sands: Warlock 1989, The Blacklist TV series), and the desire to save what’s left of Eric’s relationship with Sofia (Marianna Rosset: Portrait of God 2019, S.O.S. Survive or Sacrifice 2020), and there’s more than a smidgeon of pressure weighing on his shoulders.

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And so it is that, with the help of camerawoman Jennifer (Flavia Watson: The Mentalist TV series, 9-1-1 TV series) and sound technician Christine (Elva Trill: Line of Duty TV series, Jurassic World: Dominion 2022), as well as production assistant Anna (Kristina Godunova), Eric finds himself embroiled in a supernatural conspiracy that just might spell doom for his career and relationship, as well as the entire planet.

Where similar films fumble through plot holes larger than the Mediterranean Sea and take a lazy approach to the finest of details, The Ghosts of Monday is careful to avoid these pitfalls. Resting atop a multitude of wise decisions, from careful attention to detail within the script that leaves few, if any, lingering questions, to a resplendent backdrop, Cinquemani and crew set themselves up for success. Eschewing grandiosity of plot, instead, the film focuses on keeping things simple and using its strengths to buoy its experience and place the emphasis on its phenomenal ensemble cast.

Not amateurs by any means, the actors that portray the characters within this story are exceptional. The talented Sands perfectly delivers all the kinks of Bruce’s frisky opulence, providing a counterpoint to Huberman’s more introverted and calm Eric, a role that allows the actor to communicate all the nuances of a complicated character. Pensive and far more sensitive than his former father-in-law, Huberman’s onscreen persona is intriguing for his struggle between love, loyalty, and success.

Of course, Sands and Huberman are not the only actors to give their all. Though her role is fairly straightforward, Godunova is solid in her acting debut. Similarly, Watson and Trill work with what they are given, providing two of the most enjoyable characters, both of whom are brave young women. Though Curci is meant to serve as merely an intimidating presence, it is Ioannou and Fyllidou who bring affluence and luxury to the screen, each a beautiful woman draped in the finest of silks.

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So, it is this ensemble excellence that buoys a story that is admittedly rather banal. Resting on a veritable plethora of overdone tropes, The Ghosts of Monday is smart to pair its trite Horror elements with a noir flare and plenty of mystery. To the filmmakers’ credit, they use what could have been a major weakness to create success: ultimately offering a film that is perfect for those that wish to dabble in Horror but cannot commit to the full slice-and-dice experience. Sure, there’s talk of the paranormal, whispers of urban legend, and a few instances of blood spatter (CGI, for the most part), but not much more than one might experience while watching hospital dramas on television. In this, the movie is perfect for entry-level viewers who want a mystery with supernatural elements to spice up their Friday night. For this, Cryptic Rock gives The Ghosts of Monday 3 out of 5 stars.

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