The Girl on the Train (Movie Review)

The Girl on the Train (Movie Review)

One of 2016’s biggest cinema mysteries, The Girl on the Train is based on the 2015 debut novel of Paula Hawkins of the same name. Starring Emily Blunt (The Devil Wears Prada 2006, Sicario 2015) as Rachel, Haley Bennett (The Equalizer 2014, Hardcore Henry 2015) as Megan, Rebecca Ferguson (Hercules 2015, Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation 2015) as Anna, Justin Theroux (American Psycho 2000, Megamind 2010) as Tom, Luke Evans (The Raven 2012, Fast & Furious 6 2013) as Scott, Edgar Ramirez (Vantage Point 2008, Joy 2015) as Dr. Kamal Abdic, Laura Prepon (That ‘70s Showseries, Orange is the New Black series) as Cathy, and Allison Janney (American Beauty 1999, Juno 2007) as Detective Riley, The Girl on the Train is directed by Tate Taylor (The Help 2011, Get on Up 2014). Premiering in London on September 20, 2016, it was released shortly after on October 7th in the USA via Universal Pictures, causing quite a buzz.

Still from Girl on the Train
Still from The Girl on the Train

Rachel’s daily life consists of riding the train for work and looking out the window to see everything from a perfect couple Scott and Megan to her ex-husband Tom who now lives with his new wife Anna and newborn daughter Evie. Her world was shattered she discovered her husband had an affair with Anna and as a result, she began to experience alcoholism and blackouts. Becoming sterile was the last drop for Rachel and Tom’s marriage and they ended up divorcing each other. Not being able to let bygones be bygones, Rachel commutes every day by train where she sees a couple happily living their life as if nothing bad was going on in their lives; until Rachel learns that Megan has disappeared and is found dead weeks later.

The sole suspect is, of course, Megan’s Husband Scott, but Rachel has memories that could save Scott from being wrongly accused. Rachel saw Megan kissing someone who turns out to be Megan’s doctor, Dr. Abdic. Not being sure due to her blackouts, Rachel then goes on a journey to find out more about Megan’s life in order to save the person she has grown fond of, Scott. There are several webs intertwined together that may show one thing, but is something else altogether. No one can be trusted, not even Rachel herself. Tom and Anna may be going through something very similar to when Tom lived with Rachel, and in that New York town, anyone can be a suspect. With only minutes to figure out the “why’s” after Rachel recovers all of her memories, the “who’s” may not want a certain person to open their mouth. The mystery of all mysteries embarks on a game of cat and mouse and in a psychological series of events, not everyone will come out unscathed.

Still from Girl on the Train
Still from Girl on the Train

As with any other film based on a series of a book, the details of The Girl on the Train are much more prominent in the books than in the movies. Although, Taylor was able to bring the movie’s mystery magic to the screen with this Thriller adaptation. That said, there are a couple of differences from both the book and the movies like the location, but other than that, it contrasts the story exactly as to how it was supposed to be told, with such intensity.

Still from The Girl on the Train.
Still from The Girl on the Train

All in all, The Girl on the Train will keep the audience on the edge of their seats wondering who the person responsible for Megan’s murderer really is. Is it the husband who discovered Megan’s betrayal, the neighbors Tom and Anna; who might have known a little too much about Megan’s life, Dr. Abdic; who was involved with Megan in more ways than one, or Rachel; who has not been the same post-marriage and feels she might even be a danger to herself? Grab a soda, popcorn, and put on a thinking cap, because this will be one of the best mysteries to feast eyes on this year. CrypticRock gives The Girl on the Train 5 out of 5 stars.

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