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The Great Alone – The Perception (Album Review)

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Some find intrigue within the dark elements of music, and within the current state of present day society, this can be a place of comfort. Certainly trying times, this description of darkness in art is a reference to a sense of curiosity about the other side of ourselves, our universe, and everything in-between. This does not mean the music itself needs to be marred in despair, but it can merely glance into the beauty of shadows behind us all. This is the case with the relatively new act calling themselves The Great Alone.

Built around Vocalist Murielle and Guitarist Vincent Zermatten, the band are based out of France and have actually been plotting their way since 2018, however, did not reach the public until 2021. The product of Murielle and Vincent’s vision for a project that was thoughtful and in-depth, their music as The Great Alone began to strike up interest, resulting in their artist partnership agreement with the American label Pavement Entertainment. Doing this, the band gained broader representation in the North American market with a proper release of their music, plus a planned US tour this March alongside Powerman 5000 and September Mourning. A great opportunity for the aspiring new act, the real focus right now is with the release of their album The Perception.

The band’s debut album, The Perception arrived on January 26th and follows the release of several singles between 2022 and 2023. The singles – 2022’s “Cell” and “Prism,” along with 2023’s “Beyond Dreams” – all offer a good first taste of what The Great Alone is all about. Curious what that might be? Well, as mentioned it is a darker element of music which lies somewhere between Alternative Rock and Gothic Metal. Atmospheric, there are also vibes of Progressive Rock, as well even some Doom Metal. Something that will attract fans of Lacuna Coil or The Gathering, the tracks that make up The Perception certainly add up to a solid record.

Consisting of eleven songs in total, different from many other modern albums, The Perception does not bludgeon you with loudness. Instead, there is an ethereal quality to the songs that require your careful attention. For example, “The Call” features some haunting whispers, “Beyond Dreams” builds slowly, and “Quiet Place” dips in and out of delicate pianos as a lovely compliment to Murielle’s vocals. This is while “Icons” is yet another standout before the captivating “Reverie.” Looking at “Reverie” for a moment longer, it is highly reminiscent of Gothic Rock that might have been created sometime between 1998 and 2005 by acts mentioned prior, as well as Flowing Tears or Theatre of Tragedy… making it an absolute must listen.

Overall, The Perception is something that will appeal to a particular listener. It is carefully created, highly melodic, and presented in a way that makes it an interesting listen over and over. Certainly a welcomed addition to the modern Heavy Rock scene, Cryptic Rock recommends checking out The Great Alone and gives The Perception 4 out of 5 stars. 

The Great Alone The Perception album cover
The Great Alone -The Perception / Pavement Entertainment (2024)

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