The Horrors of Autocorrect (Movie Review)

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The Horrors of Autocorrect (Movie Review)

Horror director Eli Roth continues to dominate the Horror genre by co-founding a new digital genre studio called Crypt TV. Recently, Roth collaborated with writer/director Alex DiVincenzo (Producer: The Leslie Taylor Show 2010, Easter Sunday 2014), to showcase DiVencenzo’s directorial debut titled The Horrors of Autocorrect. Focusing on a problem everyone can relate to, The Horrors of Autocorrect premiered exclusively for free on YouTube on Sunday, May 31, 2015. At just six minutes long, The Horrors of Autocorrect manages to successfully encompass a full story arc, while providing enough depth of character and plot in the short time frame to completely captivate the viewer. This was the debut film for Grimbridge Productions, and was filmed over the course of one day on a budget of just one-hundred and fifteen dollars.

Still from The Horrors of Autocorrect

A young woman named Jenny (Jaquelyn Fabian: American Poltergeist 2013, Cones 2015) sits at home at night on her couch eating popcorn and watching an old scary movie. She receives a call from an unknown number, but as young people do, she ignores the first call. When the caller calls again, a creepy male voice answers and clearly wants to intimidate and scare Jenny. She again dismisses the caller and tells him to do what everyone else does these days and text her. The man (Nick Principe: Laid to Rest 2009, The Summer of Massacre 2012) does text Jenny, and, not surprisingly, he is just outside her house. What happens next, however, changes the course of both Jenny and the man’s futures, all because of autocorrect.

Still from The Horrors of Autocorrect

If the first installment of Crypt TV indicates its potential and this exceptional submission is anything to go by, then Horror fans should keep their eyes open for what comes next. Yet again, Roth has recognized true talent, combined it with his own, and provided a showcase for the future of Horror. He continues to uncover new terror to excite, scare, and delight fans. The Horrors of AutoCorrect has great acting by Fabian and Principe, who are the only stars of the short film. This is an interesting, hilarious, and innovative take on a first world problem, and makes reference to some highly successful horror franchises such as 1996’s Scream and 1984’s A Nightmare on Elm Street. Excellent seamless special effects and cinematography by J. Poisson (Seven Dorms of Death 2015, Boiling Point 2015) bring the viewer right into the scene, eager to see what happens next. To be kept up to date on what’s coming next on Crypt TV and Grimbridge Productions, be sure to like their page on Facebook. Work on DiVincenzo’s next short film is underway. CrypticRock gives The Horrors of Autocorrect, a must watch, 5 out of 5 stars.


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