The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows (Movie Review)

The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows (Movie Review)

Pre-Christmas jeepers? Jinkies! It’s time for a Supernatural Adventure for the whole family: The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows arrives to DVD and Digital on Tuesday, December 10th, 2019 thanks to Uncork’d Entertainment, Mother and Daughter Entertainment, and Manik Productions.

The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows still.

Sophie Carson (Isabella Blake-Thomas: Once Upon a Time series, Secret Society of Second Born Royals series) is no stranger to travel. With archeologist father Edward (Michael Piccirilli: Home and Away series, Gabriel 2007), mother Katie (Abigail Titmuss: Casualty series, Days of Our Lives series), and 6-year-old sister Emma (Olivia Jellen: Pretty Outrageous 2017, Sand Angels 2018), she has traveled the world in search of greatness. Grandeur is her father’s life’s work: to uncover the “holy grail” of archeological finds—an ancient scepter along with five crystal amulets that when worn will bring great power and wealth.

Now the Carson family have left India for the sunny beaches of California to chase dad’s dream. For Sophie, this all means another new school. Thankfully, she quickly befriends another outsider, Edison (Gabe Eggerling: The Kicks series, Jake and the Never Land Pirates series), an amateur inventor. Standing together against bully Johnny (Jake Brennan: The Orville series, Schooled series) and his mindless minions, Stuart (Charlie Wright: The White Crow 2018, Maybe I’m Fine 2018) and Dani (Laura Krystine: Instructions Not Included 2013, To The Beat! 2018), the new pair of friends will receive an initial lesson in overcoming obstacles.

For Edward, the family’s move involves a new dig site in Hermosa Beach, along with new co-worker Travis (Richard Tyson: Kindergarten Cop 1990, Battlefield Earth 2000). Just as the brushes and coffee come out, a curious cultural expert from the museum (Marcelo Tubert: Hellsing Ultimate mini-series, Jane the Virgin series) trains a close eye onto their work. All of this as a mysterious black smoke begins to hover over the town.

But all is not so good in the ‘hood, as they say. What Edward does not yet know is that a spirit from the past wants the scepter and amulets for himself, and he will stop at nothing to have the relics in his clutches. Soon the fate of the entire universe will rest in the hands of a ragtag group lead by Sophie and Edison, who must protect the us all from evil.

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Clocking in at 72 minutes, The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows was directed by Elizabeth Blake-Thomas (Sand Angels 2018, Maybe I’m Fine 2018) and was written by her daughter Isabella Blake-Thomas, who stars as Sophie, along with Jonathan Brayley (Sand Angels 2018) and Bob Nevens Jr. (Sand Angels 2018, Tartarus: The Devil’s Basement short 2018). The film also features the acting talents of Tayla Fernandez (Against the Jab 2015, The Witch Files 2018), Ben Crowley (Inside Man 2006, The Hills Have Eyes 2 2007), James Nitti (Dragons of Camelot 2014, Pride and Prejudice, Cut 2019), Julia Parker (American Crime Story series, Girlfriends of Christmas Past TV movie 2016), Britt Flatmo (Super 8 2011, The Witch Files 2018), and more.

Billed as Stranger Things meets Indiana Jones, a Horror flick for the kids, The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows is a Supernatural Adventure for the whole family. Not so much either of the aforementioned offerings, but still a good time. In fact, this is a Supernatural film that provides a little something for everyone. Unfortunately, the plot is apt to develop a little too slowly and be too difficult for the littlest members of the family, but there are certainly jokes tossed into the script to amuse adults. For this, the aim seems to be focused mostly on to the pre-teen/tween demographic of roughly 8-12.

To provide entertainment for the whole fam, the cast do a wonderful job in their roles, with Blake-Thomas leading the way as Sophie. A talented young actress with an emphatic storytelling voice that was meant for narration, Blake-Thomas’ character is an intelligent and sassy girl, a strong leader and a young woman who refuses to be bullied. A proud role model for girls, Blake-Thomas delivers a fun performance that makes her character both relatable and wholly enjoyable.

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As her sidekick, Eggerling’s Edison, leans toward the geek trope. A smart and quirky inventor who hopes to follow in his scientist mother’s footsteps, Edison is a wonderful addition to the film and Eggerling brings his eccentricities to life in a way that both kids and parents can appreciate. Similarly, Piccirilli’s Edward is unique in all the very best ways, the odd but lovable dad who still plays in the dirt and adores it. Much like these actors, the remainder of the cast deliver good performances in their assorted roles.

Coupled with a grand original score by Erick Schroder (The Pirate Fairy video 2014, Dreams I Never Had 2018) and well-done cinematography from Duncan Johnson (Maybe I’m Fine 2018, The Last Astronaut 2019), The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows is an enjoyable watch for the entire family. There are slight continuity errors and inconsistencies throughout, along with some very silly “ancient” pendants, but the kids won’t notice and the parents are apt not to care. Capped off with lessons in the importance of intelligence, imagination, courage, leadership, and more, this is a cute little film for the entire family. For this, Cryptic Rock give The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows 3.5 of 5 stars. Can someone show us a map to the sequel?

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