The Menzingers Charm Los Angeles, CA 11-3-18 w/ Daddy Issues & Tiny Moving Parts

The Menzingers Charm Los Angeles, CA 11-3-18 w/ Daddy Issues & Tiny Moving Parts

Sometimes all you need to cure your woes is a night packed with good old-fashioned Punk music. That is exactly what fans were given on Saturday, November 3rd when The Menzingers brought their fall tour to The Regent in historic Downtown Los Angeles. With the current state of the world and the impending elections looming over the US, it seemed as though fans were ready to let loose by belting out some heartfelt tunes. Thanks to some help from supporting bands Daddy Issues and Tiny Moving Parts, those who chose to spend their Saturday night with these three bands were in for a great time.

First to warm up the crowd only thirty minutes after doors opened was Nashville, Tenessesse’s Daddy Issues. If you have yet to hear this band, then stop whatever you are doing and go check them out right now. That way, you can say that you knew Daddy Issues before they got huge, because there is no doubt this band is going to take the scene by storm and start headlining themselves!

Guitarist/Vocalist Jenna Moynihan, Drummer Emily Maxwell, as well as Bassist Jenna came together in 2014 and have since released a host of singles and two LPs including 2017’s Deep Dream. Combining Grunge, Pop, Punk, and Alternative vibes, Daddy Issues tackle a multitude of tough topics including mental health and sexual assault – issues which listeners growing up in these dark time can relate to.

The room was just beginning to fill as this trio took the stage, kicking off their set with “Lemon” and catchy banger “In Your Head.” As they played through “Locked Out,” “I’m Not,” and “High St,” the band were not especially active on stage, instead preferring their music to speak for itself. As the set drew to a close with “Dog Years,” the crowd was completely won over by Daddy Issues. It was great to see a bigger name band like The Menzingers supporting a young band like Daddy Issues, and it is always refreshing to catch a show where not every band is full of dudes.

Speaking of dudes, however, following Daddy Issues was Minnesota trio Tiny Moving Parts. Consisting of brothers William and Matthew Chevalier and their cousin Dylan Mattheisen, Tiny Moving Parts has been making waves in the Emo/Alternative scene since forming in 2006. The band recently released their fifth LP, Swell, which amassed tons of fan and critical acclaim. Known for their particular blend of technical Math Rock guitars with some Emo sensibilities, fans were already packed in tight and eager to see what these three would bring to the stage.

As soon as their set began, Mattheisen was already flying around the stage with his guitar – somehow managing not to drop any notes in his crazy melodies and progressions. A good portion of the crowd happily sang along as the band ran through fan favorites like “Sundress,” “Applause,” “Headache,” and “Warm Hand Splash.” The crowd seemed just as happy to welcome new tracks from Swell such as “Feel Alive” and “Caution,” with Vocalist/Guitarist Mattheisen easily getting the crowd to sing along with their favorite songs.

Tiny Moving Parts are a well of energy and positivity on stage, and their performance left fans feeling great and ready for the final act of the evening. It is rare to see a band so full of genuine joy and gratitude, and those unfamiliar with Tiny Moving Parts were surely left with a lasting impression.

Not long after Tiny Moving Parts packed up their gear, the house lights darkened as the first notes of Elton John’s “Philadelphia Freedom” took over the speakers. It is well known by fans of The Menzingers that this Scranton, PA quartet is insanely proud of their historic home state. Considering that The Menzingers are far and away one of the best contemporary Punk bands out there right now, Pennsylvania should be proud of them, too.

Since coming together in 2006, The Menzingers have released of host of incredible LPs including the seminal On The Impossible Past (Epitaph, 2012) and last year’s stellar After the Party (Epitaph, 2017). The Menzingers have an integrity and heart that are hard to come by these days, and they have won over listeners with their heartfelt songs that are both deeply personal and widely relatable. After the Party especially captured that feeling of nostalgia that comes with growing older while still feeling young and wild at heart. Much to the joy of the crowd, Bassist Eric Keen, Drummer Joe Godino, and Guitarist/Vocalists Greg Barnett and Tom May kicked off their set with the album’s title track. Crowd surfers immediately began flying and fans sang along to every word, not stopping for a moment during “House on Fire.”

However, the party really got started as Barnett played the first notes of beloved fan-favorite “Good Things.” Nearly everyone in attendance belted out the lyrics, and they seemed just as thrilled when the song melded into “Burn After Writing” just as it does in On The Impossible Past. Then, the band kept up the wild momentum they were building with nostalgic new tracks “Lookers” and “Thick as Thieves.”

After getting fans to give it up for the opening bands and taking a moment to thank everyone for coming out to be part of such a special night, The Menzingers dove right back into the tunes with “Ava House,” “The Obituaries,” and “Your Wild Years.” Following that, May announced that the band recorded two brand new songs earlier this year, both of which were recently released as singles, and with that they headed into “Toy Soldier.” Despite being such a new track, fans were happily singing along. The same could be said during the band’s performance of “The Freaks,” which was only released in late October.

The Menzingers were not showing any signs of slowing down as they began to bring their set to an explosive close with “I Don’t Wanna Be An Asshole Anymore,” old favorite “Time Tables,” and “Casey.” Fans kept cheering as the band exited the darkened stage, returning only a few moments later to kick off their three song encore. “Midwestern States,” which mentions L.A. directly was especially well received, as was “Gates,” and finally “Tellin’ Lies.”

Though it seemed as though fans wanted the set to continue, all “Good Things” must end. With hundreds of possible events to attend on any given night in Los Angeles, those who chose to spend their evening with Daddy Issues, Tiny Moving Parts, and The Menzingers were no doubt thrilled with their choice. You, too, can be one of those happy people! The fall tour is only just getting started, and there are still plenty of opportunities for those in the US to catch a date. Do not miss this one!

Tour Dates:
THU, NOV. 8TH Hawthorne Portland, OR
SAT, NOV. 10TH The Bluebird Theater Denver, CO
TUE, NOV. 13TH Varsity Theater Minneapolis, MN
WED, NOV. 14TH Concord Chicago, IL
FRI, NOV. 16TH Crofoot Ballroom Detroit, MI
SAT, NOV. 17TH Mod Club Toronto, Canada
SUN, NOV. 18TH Mr Smalls Pittsburgh, PA
TUE, NOV. 20TH Black Cat Washington, DC
FRI, NOV. 23RD Brooklyn Steel New York, NY
SAT, NOV. 24TH Union Transfer Philadelphia, PA
SUN, NOV. 25TH House of Blues Boston, MA
FRI, NOV. 30TH Brooklyn Steel Brooklyn, NY
SAT, DEC. 22ND NEPA Holiday Show Scranton, PA

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