The Mirror (Movie Review)

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The Mirror (Movie Review)

Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the deadest one of all?  The Mirror is the latest movie to be released at the London FrightFest Film Festival on September 8th, 2014 by Haunted Mirror Films.  Based on a news article reporting on a supposed haunted mirror, it was written and directed by  (One Small Leap 2002, Blooded 2011).  The film tells the story of young English couple Matt (Joshua Dickinson: Holby City 2013, Tice 2014) and Jemma (Jemma Dallender: I Spit On Your Grave 2 2013, Casualty 2014), along with their roommate Steve (Nate Fallows: Viking Quest 2014, The C-Word 2014), who are excitedly setting up their flat with cameras to film any potential supernatural events.  They are making an application for the chance to will a million dollars for the best paranormal evidence.  They obtain a cursed mirror off eBay, place it on the wall, and wait.  Time passes slowly for the trio who are brimming with enthusiasm.

the mirror - The Mirror (Movie Review)
Still from The Mirror

Slowly the mirror’s evil starts bleeding its way into Matt, reigniting his childhood episodes of sleepwalking.  Day by day his sleepwalking becomes more dangerous to himself and to Jemma and Steve.  No one takes the matter seriously initially, but as time goes on Jemma and Steve realize that Matt is truly being affected by the mirror.  He grows increasingly moody, irritable, and begins to shut himself off from his friends.  He refuses to show them the footage that has been filmed while he has been sleepwalking and becomes infuriated at their suggestions he is in trouble.

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Still from The Mirror

As strange events become more violent and terrifying, the group find themselves unraveling mentally as they wait on the edge of their seats for the outcome of Matt’s seeming possession; and they do not have too wait long.  Bit by bit, the evil seeps into their lives and they get much more than they bargained for.  Jemma and Steve are not sure where to turn, or at what point it goes from a winning application to a certain death sentence.  Will any of them make it out alive to find out if they won, and  can they can go on with their lives again?  Will the damage be irreparable and find its way into the outside world?

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Still from The Mirror

The Mirror is a slow moving movie with most of the action occurring three quarters of the way through the film.  If the viewer sticks with it, the ending is definitely worth the time.  Lots of blood and gore, but more history about the mirror would have added more depth to the story.  Another lost reality-style film, relying on the found footage aspect to add realism, The Mirror is an original story idea. While having great potential, the film underutilized character development, which is imperative with such a small cast. CrypticRock gives The Mirror 3 out of 5 stars.

the mirror movie poster - The Mirror (Movie Review)
Haunted Mirror Films

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