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Alternative rock band known as The Nearly Deads originated back in 2010 down in Tampa, FL before relocating a year later to Nashville, TN.  Releasing their first EP, Survival Guide in 2011, the song “Never Look Back” proved popular with the official zombie music video, receiving over six million views since its release.  Adding to the young band’s accolades they have won numerous awards for song writing, been featured on Van’s Warped Tour in 2012, and reached #14 on the Billboard Next Big Sound Chart.  Now ready to make the next big move in their career the band brought back producer Jon King (Augustana, 3 Pill Morning) to work with them on their debut full-length album titled Invisible Tonight.  Working independently,  a successful Kickstarter Campaign showed that fans heavily support The Nearly Deads and anxiously desire to be a part of the band’s growth.

Led by extraordinary singer Theresa Jeane, the supporting cast of The Nearly Deads consists of Steven Tobi (guitar), Kevin Koelsch (bass), Javier Garza Jr. (guitar) and Josh Perrone (drums).  Unifying rock and punk styles, Ms. Jeane  offers an impressive driven sound of pop-touched vocal-melodies recited in a very raw but also clean way, showing the benefits of her classical voice training.  Which raises the question, what exactly do The Nearly Deads sound like?  Some would hear Jeane and liken her to a pop vocalists with a rock-n-roll edge.  Others may hear something completely different, regardless, the overall sound of Invisible Tonight is stimulating to listeners all the way through.

From the pop-rock  single “I Said” and title track “Invisible Tonight” to the anthemic hold-over from Survival Guide “Change Over” and new song “Paper Doll” there is plenty of energy exhibited among the tracks.  Razor sharp guitars are coupled with powerful vocal performances that do not waver.  With songs like the mellow “Easy Way Out” and piano driven “In The Morning” the band shows they can tone down the pop-punk enough to create a crossover radio hit that could appeal to a broader audience.

Uniting all the aforementioned strengths “Point of No Return” culminates it all with husky, clear, and however dirty, dual vocal harmonies in the chorus bringing the lyrics to life.  Conveying a message of defiance and resilience Jeane is sincere and believable as she lays everything on the line.  A simpler tone is felt on the inspiring “Brave” supported by impressive drumming and nice guitar-harmonies.  “Our Last Adventure” takes a mellow mid-tempo track and makes it shine bright with more soaring vocals by Jeane letting listeners know to follow their dreams and have no regrets.  Closing the album is the stripped down version of 2011 track “Never Look Back”.  Taking on a similar atmosphere to Evanescence’s “My Immortal” the track is given a new spin which is beautiful and sorrowful at the same time.

In the blink of an eye The Nearly Deads are on the fast track to high achievement with well structured songs on Invisible Tonight.  Jeane’s approach has the accessibility of Katy Perry with the spunk of classic rocker Blondie.  The album is captured with clear and modern recording techniques while preserving the uncut natural sounds of the rehearsal room.   This is felt exponentially with Perrone’s hard hitting drumming that will have listeners thinking of Animal of the Muppets when hearing his rampage.  The album is neither  a pop, rock, nor punk album, but an energetic mix of all the styles blended into one. With this debut the band should waggle at the throne of the genre-elite. Anyone who does not have a visceral reaction to this album must be nearly dead.  CrypticRock gives Invisible Tonight 4.5 out of 5 points.

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