The Perfect Husband (Movie Review)

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The Perfect Husband (Movie Review)

Sometimes, people do not want to see what is in front of them. With that in mind, Writer/Director Lucas Pavetto (Josh Jasmer 2009, Il marito perfetto 2011) along with Writer Massimo Vavassori (Whose City Is This Now? 2008, Tesori Sepolti 2015) crafted the perfect story that show how things are not always what they seem. That comes in the form of the film entitled The Perfect Husband, which stars Bret Roberts (Pearl Harbor 2001, Nightstalker 2002) as Nicola, Gabriella Wright (22 Bullets 2010, Everly 2014) as Viola, Carl Wharton (Saint Dracula 3D 2012, Wrath of the Crows 2013) as the Forest Ranger, and Daniel Vivian (Evidence of Existence 2012, Poet 2013) as Gipsy. All characters contributing something to this Thriller’s ultimate twist, The Perfect Husband was initially released in Italy back in 2014. Now two years later, via Artsploitation Films, the English Language film receives a DVD/Blu-ray release as of July 26th and VOD release as of October 25th.

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Still from The Perfect Husband

The story begins with Viola and Nicola seeming like a happy couple, even after tragedy strikes them both and are left with an uneasy feeling that may never subside. After losing their child in labor, Viola and Nicola decide to give their relationship another try, but this time in a remote cabin owned by Nicola’s uncle. Nicola seems like the perfect husband; he is attentive, he cooks for her, and his patience is unending; the perfect husband. But, when Nicola notices Viola’s behavior is not going the way he planned, things start to get out of hand.

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Still from The Perfect Husband

There is history from both of them that is not really told until the end, and because of this, the audience never imagines things differently. Nicola starts playing sexual games with Viola when he ties her to the bed, but then he exposes his anger and rage out of jealousy to her and begins to go crazy. Viola somehow is able to escape, and they start playing a game of cat and mouse in the woods. Other people, like the forest ranger and a random man, are not as lucky when they cross their path, and blood is spilled by the gallons. When all things are said and done, Viola and Nicola meet face to face, but her actions only prove another story altogether. As stated above, everything is not what it seems.

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Still from The Perfect Husband

Adapted from Pavetto’s short film of the same name, it took less than twenty days to shoot The Perfect Husband. With that said, Pavetto and Vavassori prove they are geniuses when it comes to suspense, and this one played a little too much with people’s minds. In fact, The Perfect Husband could be one their best films yet as it is an hour and twenty-five minutes worth of drama and speculation.

After watching this Thriller, many people will probably think twice before choosing their partner for the rest of their lives. When a tragedy like the one that happened to Viola and Nicola strikes, there is no telling what might happen to the couple in the future. Losing someone can sometimes change a person so much that they lose themselves in the process, and this is exactly what happened in this movie. Pavetto was able to convey feelings through the screen and it is just one of the reasons why The Perfect Husband made so much sense; not to mention give us a good scare in the process. CrypticRock gives The Perfect Husband 4 out of 5 stars.

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Artsploitation Films

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