The Phenomenon (Documentary Review)

Unless you live under a UFO rock, you know the truth is not just out there – it is in, up, down and around it. Thanks in part to modern technology, which allows witnesses to video and upload their sightings instantly, there has never been more evidence that we are not alone. However, for those interested in looking for cases and information, the multitudes of information online can be arduous to wade through. In fact, it is easy to get lost down the proverbial rabbit hole with no idea where to turn. This conundrum and lack of direction often urges people like Writer/Director James Fox to conduct their own research and collaborate with believers.

Fox’s latest UFO documentary, The Phenomenon, available digitally worldwide on October 6th from 1091 Pictures, highlights some major cases taking place since and including Roswell. Credible witnesses from Air Force pilots, police officers, military personnel, and more, solidify the film’s premise with not just their anecdotal evidence but scientific evidence, as well. It also features fascinating examinations of encounters of the third kind by the likes of police officer Lonnie Zamora who ‘blew the lid off’ isolating and silencing witness’ sightings by a school class in Zimbabwe.

Narrated by prolific Actor Peter Coyote (Law & Order LA series, The Disappearance 2017), The Phenomenon also discusses the lack of governmental disclosure, despite its early Project Blue Book endeavor and the recent 2017 secret Pentagon department UFO investigations. Forget reaching the UN, not even the President of the United States has been able to access the ‘need to know’ information.

It is clear Fox and co-writers Marc Barasch, Lance Mungia, Lee Speigel, along with Jacques Vallee, want this disclosure to happen, and go so far as encouraging you to actively seek the same. Their fervor for the topic bleeds throughout the documentary, which does not settle for hypothesis or theory but provides flat out concrete cases. More importantly, rather than making the evidence fit a theory, it is allowed to speak for itself, making for compelling viewing.

Fox and co-writers present numerous cases not relying on wild, conspiracy theories to convey, dissect, and discuss a serious subject matter. Instead The Phenomenon’s comprehensive research helps make the ‘incredible credible’ as per Senator Harry Reid’s quote. With footage including notables George Knapp, Bill Clinton and John Podesta, plus insurmountable additional evidence, including military radars, there is no shortage of credibility contained within the film.

While The Phenomenon may be more aimed towards a beginner UFO enthusiast, even seasoned ones will likewise find it enthralling. Believe or not, the film’s content certainly begs the question of whether we are alone in the universe, but also, are some extraterrestrials coming to stop us blowing each other to pieces? Are they preventing our total annihilation or waiting for the right time to strike? Either/or, Fox Mulder is long gone and rather than wait for the government’s unbiased opinion, watch The Phenomenon and make up your own mind. That is why Cryptic Rock gives this film 5 out of 5.

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