The Possession of Michael King (Movie review)

The Possession of Michael King (Movie review)

The Possession of Michael King is one of the latest horror movies released by Anchor Bay Films on August 22nd.  Written and directed by David Jung, shot mostly via found footage style, the film tells the story of Michael King (Shane Johnson: Saving Private Ryan 1998, Behind Enemy Lines 2001) who is a happy married man to Samantha (Cara Pifko: Human Cargo 2004, This Is Wonderland television series 2004-2006) with their beautiful daughter Ellie (Ella Anderson: Last Man Standing 2011, The Giant Mechanical Man 2012).  Life for Michael seems to be great until Sam is horrifically killed in a car accident.

Still from Possession of Michael King
Still from The Possession of Michael King

This throws Michael’s world into a tailspin and he questions all his religious beliefs, though they were almost non-existent to begin with. Matthew’s sister, Beth (Julie McNiven: Mad Men television series 2007-2009, Screwed 2013), moves in with him to help look after Ellie, as he puts his life on the line and invites either the Devil or God to visit him and prove their existence. Matthew decides to tape what happens next, and he captures some terrifying images. Clearly not a great idea, terrible in fact, and almost instantaneously his life and his family’s lives are in jeopardy. Michael starts to change in a dramatic way, and it soon becomes apparent that it was not God who answered his call for proof.

Michael stops going out of the home and can’t function on a normal level.  The supernatural events taking place consume him while he has little control over his thoughts and actions. His daughter and sister become quite scared and an exorcism only accelerates the events. No matter what Michael does, he is controlled by evil. Can he stop himself from hurting those he loves or is all hope lost?

Still from Possession of Michael King
Still from The Possession of Michael King

The Possession of Michael King is probably the definitive How Not To Mess With the Other Side guide in the form of a movie out there. Very well acted with a small cast and mostly taking place in Michael’s home, the movie provides genuine scares that will make viewers jump out of their skin while gripping the side of their chairs. Many may find themselves screaming at Michael when they realize he does not value his own life and continues putting those he loves in harm’s way, but his question “Is God or the Devil real?” is answered in an explosive way.  The moral of the story here is do not mess with the supernatural. Well worth watching for a good scare and great story line. CrypticRock gives The Possession of Michael King 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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