The Psychedelic Furs Enchant The Paramount in Huntington, NY 4-12-14

The Psychedelic Furs Enchant The Paramount in Huntington, NY 4-12-14

During the 1980’s alternative music was born, and with it a list of memorable, unique, and powerful bands.  UK based The Psychedelic Furs were a leader in the post-punk movement which became known as New Wave, and later the Alternative Rock that we know today.  Formed in 1977 by brothers Richard (vocals) and Tim Butler (bass), the two have kept the music of The Furs alive for almost four decades.  One of their favorite visiting spots over the years has been Long Island, NY with a series of shows in the area.  Making their second appearance in less than a year at The Paramount in Huntington, The Furs showed up on Saturday April 12th to play in front of dedicated fans along with opening act The Liza Colby Sound.

The Liza Colby Sound formed back in 2009 in NYC and has been performing around the US since.  Colby has a strong voice with a natural way around the stage which really shined throughout their set.  Combining soulful singing with a rock edge, The Liza Colby Sound put on a solid opening performance.

With fans of all ages gathering on the floor of The Paramount with drinks in hand and smiles on their faces, the biggest moment was yet to come with The Psychedelic Furs up next.  Popping the cork, saxophonist Mars Williams began the cool track “Heartbeat”.  A phenomenal player, Williams knows just how to hit all the right notes while remaining emotionally interactive with the audience.  Richard Butler, who ages like a fine wine, sang and grooved about the stage through “Danger” before going into fan favorite “The Ghost in You”.  There is no doubt the song holds a special place in many listener’s hearts as it still sounds as fresh as it did when it was released on Mirror Moves (1984).  The memorable melody on keys performed by Amanda Kramer matched by Richard’s soothed lullaby took everyone away into bliss.

Having not released a full length album since World Outside (1991), The Furs have released a few unheard songs over the years to keep hungry fans satisfied.  “Little Miss World” was introduced back in 2012 and has become a mainstay in their setlist.  The audience danced through the track while many may have pondered the possibility of a new album at some point in the future.  The music kept coming with energy and excitement on “Heartbeat Break”, “Pulse”, unreleased “Wrong Train”, moving into another crowd pleaser “Love My Way”.  This was a constant party and no one wanted it to end.

Richard danced, leaned over the edge of the stage, reaching out to fans while in great spirits the entire time.  Tim, as always, provided a strong performance while engaging the audience in a reserved cool manner and remaining somewhat mystical behind his sunglasses.  Fans cannot help but love the style these brothers possess on stage in two intriguing yet vastly different fashions.  Songs like “It Goes On” and “All This and Nothing” turned back the clock to 1981 allowing fans to relive the amazing album Talk Talk Talk.  Guitarist Rich Good jammed hard all night through while virtuoso drummer Paul Garisto’s beat was perfectly on time.  As a unified band, each tune was given the attention and same passion as the day they were recorded.

Throwing the audience another surprise, they offered up the often overlooked gem “Yes I Do” before bringing on the unforgettable hit “Pretty in Pink”.  The dancing was non-stop, the positive energy was flowing, and the affection was warm.  “Heaven” and “Mr. Jones” closed out a great set as The Furs bid farewell.  Not one person decided to exit The Paramount as the set concluded.  This packed room steadfast, knowing they did not want this Saturday night musical escape to fade.  The band rewarded the audience with an amazing encore of “President Gas” and “India”.  As many fans have waited a few years to hear these songs live again, you could feel the enthusiasm spreading through the room.  Upon their conclusion, everyone departed with sights and sounds of a tremendous live experience engraved in their mind.

The Psychedelic Furs continue to bring everything they have to the stage, and do it with impeccable class. Most of all, they sound as good as they did the day they began.  Their ability to reach the audience in such a personal manner is something few bands accomplish.   The 1980’s evoke many memories, one of the best is The Psychedelic Furs, who continue to bring new music experiences to past and future generations.



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