The Scarapist (Movie Review)

The Scarapist slide - The Scarapist (Movie Review)

The Scarapist (Movie Review)

From Writer, Director, and Actress Jeanne Marie Spicuzza (Naked 1999, Field Day 2004) comes the Crime/Thriller film The Scarapist. A Seasons & a Muse Productions, the film is based on a true story about an abusive therapist located in Los Angeles, California area. Helping bring the film to life, Actors Katy Colloton (Jingle Dead II 2014, Roomies 2014), R. Michael Gull (Victim 2008, New Day 2009), and Kyle Walsh (The Dark Knight 2011, Workaholics 2016) lead the relatively small cast. Lasting roughly eighty-one minutes, the film had a successful festival run through 2015, garnering it some awards. The Scarapist is now available on VOD on all major providers including iTunes and Amazon. Trending at number #1 back in August of this year on, the film provokes curiosity among new viewers.

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Lana (Spicuzza), a writer who is currently having problems performing with her career and family, cannot take it anymore and decided to visit a psychologist for help. When she arrives at the clinic, she is greeted by renowned psychologist named Isle (Colloton). Upon arrival and against her husband Nathan’s (Walsh) approval, Lana begins to unravel her mind to the doctor to try to ease her mind off of the mental hurdles she is facing. Lana never imagined that it was going to get a lot worse after each session.

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Trouble begins when Isle asks Lana to try out hypnosis to delve deeper into Lana’s mind. Lana agrees, but soon after, she starts realizing that the “treatments” given to her are making her have secondary effects that are affecting other areas in her life. Isle asks Nathan to take her daughter to a remote cabin so that she can further help Lana without her worrying about what she might do to her family; Isle lies to Nathan about Lana telling him she is unstable and dangerous to be around. It does not take long for Lana to put two and two together and learning that her therapist Isle is not the person who she says she is, Lana has very little time to rescue her now abducted husband and daughter from the clutches of Isle and her minions.

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Still from The Scarapist

There has been a multitude of great based-on-true-events films that have changed the movie-making industry forever, however, The Scarapist falls short. There are more than a few reasons why this movie does not shatter records when it comes to blowing people’s minds, but perhaps the most obvious one is the lack of originality. Albeit, it is based on true events so a certain logic has to be followed, but every director knows that putting their own flair on a topic is a sure way to bring a film to life. Nonetheless, Editor and Director Synthian Sharp (American Meth 2008, How I Became an Elephant 2012) assisted Spicuzza, and together they form a decent Psychological Thriller based on true events. Although it drags quite a bit, The Scarapist does have the essence of will. With that said, viewers should devise their own opinion, but it recommended for those who have patience in their DNA. CrypticRock gives The Scarapist 2 out of 5 stars.

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