The Smashing Pumpkins – Cyr (Album Review)

The Smashing Pumpkins – Cyr (Album Review)

Ready or not, The Smashing Pumpkins is back. Formed in 1988, the legendary Alternative Rock band has since released 11 studio albums, with the upcoming Cyr being their latest. Which is exciting news for all the music lovers out there, because The Smashing Pumpkins are about to rock everyone’s minds off with their new material. Interested yet? Then read on…

Set for release on Friday, November 27th through Sumerian Records, Cyr comes with 20 songs and is part of the Shiny and Oh So Bright series. This volume has some interesting ways of spelling words, though. Spellings like “Wyttch,” “Adrennalyne” or “Tyger, Tyger” only point out the dissociative life we all seem to be drifting towards. In a symbolic way, of course.

But that is the thing about The Smashing Pumpkins: There is never an easy way to explain their music and their songs; the band seems to hate being put into one specific pigeonhole. So they always make sure to make their music and lyrics are so diverse that there can be many explanations/meanings behind them. Always depending on how you look at it, this part of what makes The Smashing Pumpkins, band leader Billy Corgan,  and Cyr so very interesting. 

It all starts with the catch and upbeat “The Color Of Love” spreading positivity and gets you excited for what is yet to come. From here, each song that follows has its own personality. For example, “Confessions of a Dopamine Addict” has a more electronic sound that almost reminds of Daft Punk or the Tron movies. This is while the title-track, “Cyr,” is a very steady Rock-n-Roll track.

Simply put, The Smashing Pumpkins do not fit into one genre, so neither do their songs. They do not make Pop, Rock, Punk or whatever: these just make music! And they take their time to let each song grow and evolve into perfection, because the band feels comfortable to record it, and ultimately, release it a part of an album. That said, this is something you can hear clearly when listening to the music they create. 

Throughout Cyr, a remarkable and unique voice meets impressive arrangements. Along with the lyrics and backing vocals as, for example, on “Dulcet in E,” each song comes together as timeless and unique. The music sounds very natural as well as honest, and therefore touches you far beyond the surface. Leaving a seed behind that will slowly grow, with every listen these songs the roots will grow deeper and wider, until they flourish into something of their own. In this, The Smashing Pumpkins seeks to be your muse with Cyr.

With all the craziness going on in the world right now, The Smashing Pumpkins was forced to postpone their world tour. So, as a special treat, the band has created a five-part animated Sci-Fi series, called In Ashes, and this series is set to the soundtrack of selected songs from Cyr

There is no denying that The mashing Pumpkins have influenced so many other bands and artists over the years. With the complexity of their sound, they have shaping their music as a powerfully inspired force, rather than merely being an original in a sea of copies. Their unique sound never ceases to impress, but rather nurtures and ignites sparks of creativity in every listener. And the complexity of the arrangements that make up Cyr only serves to again prove the might of their creative minds and musical talent yet again. Enjoy this piece of art, because Cryptic Rock gives Cyr 5 out of 5 stars.

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