The Sounds – Things You Do For Love (Album Review)

The Sounds – Things You Do For Love (Album Review)

Sweden’s The Sounds are a band who has been doing their own thing for over two decades now. With a style that resembles artists that came a decade prior to their own formation – Blondie, The Cars, as well as Dale Bozzio and Missing Persons – if anything, The Sounds were way ahead of the current trends.

In fact, it could be argued that The Sounds are the most authentic of any bands out there dabbling in the New Wave style of music that dominated the ’80s; just look at their hit 2002 debut album, Living in America, as a starting point. Consistently generating quality music since, including 2006’s Dying to Say This to You through their 2017 EP The Tales That We Tell, The Sounds return for more in 2020 with Things We Do For Love. Set for release on Friday, June 12th via Arnioki Records, the new full-length album marks their first in seven long years.

Still led by the same consistent lineup – Maja Ivarsson (vocals), Jesper Anderberg (guitar/keyboards), Felix Rodriguez (bass) and Fredrik Blond (drums) – Things We Do For Love offers eleven songs that span just under an hour, but is high quality and impeccably well-structured. Coming a few years after Ivarsson became a mom, it appears the distinctive vocalist has found new inspiration from the life-changing experience.

That said, the album is full of bright, colorful tones, but also extremely strong composition within the music and lyrics. It starts with the opening title-track, before the dance-beat-driven “Safe and Sound,” before shifting into the mellow, thoughtful “Changes.” Then there are songs such as the upbeat “Bonnie and Clyde,” jazzy smooth “Fingertips,” as well as synth-laden “Hollow” and “Dreaming of You,” which all thrive, standing distinctly against one another. 

In truth, little has changed for The Sounds. Time has gone by, the band has matured, but they retain electronic and Pop Rock elements they are known, all elements which make the album pop ever so crisply from the speakers. This is clear from start to finish, and that includes the catchy “Dim The Lights,” Alternative Rock guitar driven “Stay Free,” along with the moody, delightful “Miami;” a highlight tucked in the back as the closer.     

Matched with stunning rhythmic guitarists, authentic sounding synthesizers, and melodies that are irresistible… there is little to complain about with Things We Do For Love. The album is full of spirit, energy, and positive sensations. Without raving on too much, it is impressive and no doubt the result of positive changes in Ivarsson’s life that translates into inspired music. An album that you are going to ‘love,’ Cryptic Rock gives Things We Do For Love 5 out of 5 stars. 

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