The Used & Every Time I Die dominate Starland Ballroom Sayerville, NJ 4-21-15 w/ Marmozets & The Eeries

The Used & Every Time I Die dominate Starland Ballroom Sayerville, NJ 4-21-15 w/ Marmozets & The Eeries

Founded in early 2001, The Used have been making waves and re-defining a genre in the Alternative Rock music scene, from their 2002 debut self titled album all the way through 2014’s release of Imaginary Enemy, they have pulled at the heart strings of fans while screaming in their face. Arguably one of the most consistent bands in the music industry to date, they have found the perfect combination of progression in each album while remaining true and keeping the common goal of music conquers all. Having sold millions of records, The Used continue to sustain success and their live shows are one of their most distinctive qualities above it all. That is why followers could not contain their excitement when the announcement came down that they would be teaming up with Every Time I Die for a month long Spring tour kicking off April 2nd and ending May 2nd. Bringing along Marmozets and The Eeries for the trek, the powerhouse bill made its first stop in the New York/New Jersey area on Tuesday April 21st when it hit Starland Ballroom in Sayerville with a packed house on hand.

Starting things the night off was Rock band The Eeries. Consisting of Isaiah Silva (guitar/vocal), Brandon Sweeney (guitar), Eliot Lorango (bass), and Nadir Maraschin (drums), the band is signed to Interscope Records and recently released their self-titled EP in December of 2014. Relatively fresh to many listeners, The Eeries came out performing a set of original tunes that captured everyone’s attention. Clearly influenced by ’90s era bands such as Nirvana and Blind Melon, The Eeries have the makes of a classic Alternative Rock band that today’s scene needs. Playing tracks like “Cool Kid” as well as “Shine On,” they did a great job making the most of the time they were given and received applauds for such. Be on the look out for the band as they continue to make waves on the scene.

Hailing all the way from Bingley, West Yorkshire were The Marmozets. Led by the incredible talent Becca Macintyre on vocals, the rest of the band consists of Sam Macintyre (guitar/vocals), Jack Bottomley (guitar), Will Bottomley (bass/vocals), and Josh Macintyre (drums). Initially starting the band in 2007, they did not need to search far for members as each the Macintyre and Bottomley families, respective siblings, all had musical ability. This time around, keeping it all in the family proved to be very successful, The Marmozets have made quite the name for themselves since starting and continue to grow, being named one of the top bands to keep an eye on in 2015 by multiple publications. Signed to Roadrunner Records, the band released their debut album, The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets, in 2014 and came to show Starland Ballroom exactly how to rock. “Move, Shake, Hide” started what was to be a very electric and energized set that would follow with songs like “Is It Horrible,” and “Particle.” Possessing a Punk Rock tone and attitude on stage, the band rocketed through their quick six song set that concluded with “Why Do You Hate Me?” and won over the hearts of all in attendance. They continue headlining gigs through May 22nd stateside so be sure to check them out.

Next up was Buffalo, New York’s Every Time I Die. A difficult band to categorize, Every Time I Die has made a living on surprising their audiences each and every time they release an album, from their 2001 debut Last Night In Town to 2007’s The Big Dirty to 2014’s From Parts Unknown.  Now veterans to their craft, the band has found comfort being the square peg not trying to fit in the round hole, and so have their dedicated followers. No strangers to New Jersey, or Starland Ballroom, this would be the band’s second visit in last than four months after their headlining gig December 13th.

One by one, vocalist Keith Buckley, guitarists Jordan Buckley and Andy Williams, bassist Stephen Micciche , and drummer Daniel Davison walked onto the stage and jump started the set with “No Son of Mine.” Always known as a band that makes the audience rock while delivering an incredibly tight arrangement of extreme tracks, the crowd chanted along as Keith dove to and from stage, grabbing fan’s hands as he went. Going into tracks like “Bored Stiff,” newer favorite, “Decayin’ With the Boys,” “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space,” and “El Dorado,” Every Time I Die had everyone moving on the floor with no time to catch their breath. Throwing the crowd a surprise midway through, they played a great cover of Nirvana’s “Tourettes” that meshed perfectly with the band’s own original neck-breaking tracks. Completing their eleven song set with “Thirst,” “Floater,” “The New Black,” and “We’rewolf,” the band’s fierce delivery made the performance seem to jolt by within the blink of an eye. Taking a short rest from the road, Every Time I Die will be back at it in Europe starting June 11th, but save the date for August 15th when they top the bill of Today’s Mixtape Festival 2015 held at The Emporium in Patchogue, NY.

As the lights blacked out and the crowd roared, it came to the point for headliners The Used. Arriving on stage like banshees out of hell, Jepha Howard, Quinn Allman and Dan Whitesides, lead by the charismatic vocalist Bert McCracken, ignited a reaction with 2002 track “Maybe Memories.” Gladly accepting the throwback with open arms, the audience moved all over the floor while screaming every lyric out-loud. Continuing to take their fans through a quick history lesson, they moved into “Take it Away”and then onto the 2007 album Lies For the Liars with “The Bird and the Worm.” Bouncing about the stage with an energy few frontman can match, McCracken and his bandmates moved into a balanced attack of “Listening,” before “Cry,” and “I Caught Fire.”

Keeping the excitement high, “Taste of Ink” had McCracken asking the audience to throw their hands in the air during the instrumental intro before everyone sang at the top of their lungs to each and every word once the lyrics kicked in. Holding the microphone out to the crowd, he signaled for a louder reaction, which the crowd willing responded to by filling the room with thousand’s of voices in unison. After that breathtaking moment, The Used did not stop as they went into “All That I’ve Got,” “Revolution,” and “Blood on My Hands” before the acoustic track “On My Own.” A dear song to many in attendance, the singalongs continued until the final note. Sending the room for another jolt of adrenaline, the closing of “Pretty Handsome Awkward” had spectators shouting, “One more song!” upon its conclusion. Never being ones to disappoint their fans, within minutes they returned for a tribute mash-up of Rage Against The Machines “Killing in the Name,” “Bulls on Parade,” and “Know Your Enemy” before the finale of “A Box Full of Sharp Objects.”

The Used were simply incredible and filled with positive energy no one could deny. McCracken even paused at one point during the performance to talk about how music has personally effected the band and that it can solve and heal any pain, and that music is always there for you. While their run with Every Time I Die has come to an end, The Used continue on with a handful more dates with Marmozets and Chevelle through May 22nd. With that said, do not be a fool, get out there and see them.

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