The Winery Dogs tear up The Emporium Patchogue, NY 10-30-13 (Exclusive Coverage)

The Winery Dogs tear up The Emporium Patchogue, NY 10-30-13 (Exclusive Coverage)

Over the years rock fans have been treated to a handful of super groups featuring some of rock n rolls most accomplished musicians. The Winery Dogs are another band to add to that list of super rock n roll groups. Conceived in the cultural mecca of Brooklyn, NY; the band is comprised of Mike Portnoy (Drums), Billy Sheehan (Bass), and Richie Kotzen (Guitars/vocals). With a laundry list of rock albums to their credit: from Portnoy’s work with Dream Theater to Adrenaline Mob, to Billy Sheehan’s work in Talas to Mr. Big, to Richie Kotzen work in Mr. Big to a long solo career; these guys are rich in experience and talent. On All Hallow’s Eve, Wednesday October the 30th, the 3 rockers graced the stage of The Emporium in Patchogue, NY. A large crowd of Long Islanders and as far as the 5 boroughs traveled to see this special performance.

As the guys hit the stage they thrilled the crowd opening with “Elevate”. The balance between Kotzen’s powerful rock voice, Sheehan’s throbbing bass, and Portnoy’s insane drumming the room was immediately electrified.

Showcasing their hard work on their debut album The Winery Dogs (2013), the set was highlighted by performances of “We Are One” and “One More Time” early on. Sheehan is truly one of the best bass players in the world, and there is no question he mastered his instrument to high levels. With “Damaged” the guys brought things down a step to a cool calm atmosphere. The audience locked in to the groove and moved about the dance floor of The Emporium.

To many concert goers solos are either something they love or something they loath. It’s definitely a divided opinion amongst most, but when you have 3 talented musicians as these, solos are something you wait for. Portnoy did not disappoint with his proceeded drumming. With each note played you couldn’t help by watch in pure awe. Breaking up the musical showcase was the killer track “The Other Side” followed by a intense bass solo by Sheehan.

Throwing in some of Richie Kotzen solo material was a nice touch and really seemed to excite the audience. When he broke out his acoustic guitar for the song “Doin’ What the Devil Says to Do” it really created a mood. Sometimes there is nothing like a stripped down track; of just a singer and his acoustic guitar to really hear the inflections in their voice. Kotzen sang at a high level throughout the set and there is no doubt he has an amazing voice.

The full length set closed out nicely with cool bluesy rock track “Regret”. Fans clapped, whistled, and cheered for more. More is what they got with an encore highlighted by one of their fan favorites “Desire” and a cover of Sheehan’s Talas work “Shy Boy”. Hearing Sheehan close out the set playing his bass like a madman and on lead vocals was a great closing to a spectacular evening of rock n roll.


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