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Those Damn Crows – Inhale/Exhale (Album Review)

Those Damn Crows 2023 band

Come together back in 2014, the band known as Those Damn Crows has steadily made a name for themselves. Looking back, this 5-piece Rock band out of Wales (Vocalist Shane Greenhall, Bassist Lloyd Wood, Drummer Ronnie Huxford, Guitarists Ian “Shiner” Thomas and David Winchurch) first started to gain big attention in 2017; leading to their signing with Earache Records. 

From here, they re-released their independently put out Murder and the Motive from 2016 with Earache Records in 2018. Giving a larger audience a chance to check them out, the re-release was a success, because the album made it onto UK Hard Rock & Metal charts. Then in 2020 they followed up with another charted album, Point of No Return. Two promising entries into a blossoming career, the band’s vision of creating impassioned Hard Rock music reaches new heights in 2023 with the release of Inhale/Exhale.

Their third overall studio album, Inhale/Exhale is a milestone; earning the band and Earache Records’ their highest ever UK chart position. Landed at Number 3 on these charts shortly following the album’s February 17th release, all you can say is Those Damn Crows is fast rising. Rather impressive, the fact is, many in the North American market may still be a little ignorant to who Those Damn Crows are. Rather odd, considering the band’s sound is heavily reminiscent of many American Hard Rock leaders – is it high time that Those Damn Crows reach across the Atlantic? Now to put matters in perspective, this band has played with the likes of Goo Goo Dolls and supergroup Hollywood Vampires in the European market. So, you would think they would fit perfectly on the US Rock scene, right?

Well, these are questions that should be legitimately considered. In meantime, for those who are not wise to Those Damn Crows or their new album Inhale/Exhale, it could be time to take a closer look. As mentioned, this Welsh band’s sound is heavily rooted in modern Hard Rock; matched with stadium-like choruses, heavy guitars, and lively song structures. That in mind, the 10 tracks that make up Inhale/Exhale sound like something that would be a perfect setlist for any Rock concert. What this means is the mood is upbeat, catchy, as well as highly energetic. And with this you get Hard Rock music that would fit nicely alongside the likes of Shinedown, Black Stone Cherry, Halestorm, or 3 Doors Down.

Factors that should compel anyone who consider them a Hard Rock fan, some bold moments on Inhale/Exhale include “Fill the Void,” “Man on Fire,” “I Am,” riff-heavy “Find a Way,” but also the more mellow “This Time I’m Ready” and Pop sensible “See You Again.” Each all in the same strasphore sound wise, they also have distinctive qualities that brand Those Damn Crows unique to others around at this time.

Overall, Inhale/Exhale is a very strong Hard Rock album that takes a giant step forward for this band. Powerful until the end, to reiterate the earlier argument, it is imperative that North American Hard Rock fan learn more about Those Damn Crows. Worth the time to discover, Cryptic Rock gives Inhale/Exhale 4 out of 5 stars. 

Those Damn Crows - Inhale/Exhale
Those Damn Crows – Inhale/Exhale / Earache Records (2023)

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