Thundermother – Heat Wave (Album Review)

Thundermother – Heat Wave (Album Review)

Out of Stockholm, Sweden, Thundermother is a full throttle Rock-n-Roll band of the highest order. Led by Guitarist Filippa Nässil, the band possesses a sound that is somewhere in between AC/DC,  Motörhead, and more modern acts like Halestorm. Reassembled in 2017 following the departure of all the original members, Nässil has reloaded with Guernica Mancini on vocals, Emlee Johansson on drums, and added the newest member, Majsan Lindberg on bass. Rejuvenated, the all-lady band made a powerful statement with their 2018’s self-titled album, and now look to make you sweat some more with 2020’s Heat Wave.

Marking their fourth overall studio album since their debut back in 2014, Heat Wave hit back on Friday, July 31st via the band’s new label, AFM Records. Produced by Soren Andersen, who has worked with Glenn Hughes, Mike Tramp, and Dave Mustaine, among others, the album is a truly a no nonsense Rock-n-Roll assault.

Making sure to let that be known right out the gates, songs like “Loud and Alive” set the table with large drums, a thick groove, and an overall upbeat vibe. From here the chant-along “Dog from Hell” follows before “Back In ’76” rattles your cage even more with Mancini’s voice soaring to new heights. Not allowing the dust to settle, “Into the Mud” accelerates into the next gear before the single “Driving In Style,” a riff ridden “Free Ourselves,” the prideful “Somebody Love Me,” and unapologetic confessions on “Bad Habits” at the tail end. This is while a more mellow, refined side of the band pops up on tracks such as the album’s second single “Sleep,” but also on the Country Rock styled “Purple Sky.”

Overall, you get 13 songs that are hard, heavy, unfiltered and great for a long drive down the open highway. The guitars are loud, distorted and complete with plenty of solid solos when called for. Above all, enough cannot be said about the energy Guernica Mancini brings to each song. Her voice is powerful, soulful, and just what Thundermother calls for. Now with the Heat Wave out, finding more listeners each day, the band is finding success on the road on their Heat Wave Release Tour with upcoming sold out gigs! If you are confused how the band is performing live, it is happening in particular parts of Europe which seem to have any COVID-19 concerns under control. That in mind, let us hope that North America can get to that stage sooner rather than later, and when it is safe, Thundermother can rock across the Atlantic. Until then, crank up Heat Wave, because Cryptic Rock gives it 4 out of 5 stars.

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