Title Fight – Hyperview (Album Review)

TFHyperview1 - Title Fight - Hyperview (Album Review)

Title Fight – Hyperview (Album Review)

titlefight xsajt8 - Title Fight - Hyperview (Album Review)

Kingston, Pennsylvanian Punk Rock outfit Title Fight have been together since 2003 when the initially formed as a three-piece with Jamie Rhoden on guitar and vocals and twin brothers Ned and Ben Russin on bass and drums. Adding second guitarist Shane Moran in 2005, the band have released a slew of EPs and albums, as well as toured worldwide building there name. Now in 2015 they return with their follow up to 2012’s Floral Green on their third full-length release entitled Hyperview. Marking their first album with new label Anti-Records, Hyperview see’s the band working with long-time producer Will Yip once again for a ten track album clocking in at a little over thirty months.  It’s not an especially long album, but it’s enough to convince the listener of the quality the music has.

Opening track “Murder Your Memory” is calm and slow, featuring soft voices, offering a smooth start to a smooth album. The song “Chlorine” continues the mellow pace, and with its no-stress attitude, takes the heaviness out of daily life and helps the listener to relax as steady beats and easy melodies ebb and flow in the background. Quite an interesting piece, “Hypernight” has a broad sound, with a melody that seems almost to fade into space. With its lack of clear edges, the song is unconfined, yet compelling at the same time. “Mrahc” picked up the pace, with a catchy, lively beat that is easy to sing and tap along to. In contrast, “Your Pain Is Mine Now” returns to the slow and mellow pattern Title Fight favors for most of Hyperview. Other tracks like “Rose Of Sharon” are addictive and melodic, likely to get stuck in the listener’s head. Where “Trace Me Onto You” is slightly more speedy, with Rhoden’s vocals soft and blending into the background. Even when focusing on the vocals of the track, it is still difficult to grasp every word. Then “Liar’s Love” places strong emphasis on the guitar, although Rhoden’s voice shines bright as well. Catchy and a little louder, this song is like a countdown to the end of Hyperview. This leads into “Dizzy” which starts out with a drum check and guitar strums one would hear during a studio soundcheck. Thereafter the melody breaks through, slow and smooth again, all the way through remainder of the song. Finally, “New Vision” closes Hyperview and behaves like a wake-up call. With this track, the listener can now rise from their meditation and join the real world again, taking a stretch here and a deep breath there before Hyperview dissolves beautifully.

Hyperview is vastly different than anything Title Fight has done prior. Essentially this album takes a step away from Punk Rock, creating a mellow vibe, opposed to rough and loud. So as they explore one may say a new era has begun for the guys of Title Fight. After their wild youth, calm and thoughtful adulthood has set in, or so it seems when listening to mature sounds of Hyperview. CrypticRock gives Hyperview  3 out of 5 stars.

TFHyperview - Title Fight - Hyperview (Album Review)

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