Todd La Torre – Rejoice In The Suffering (Album Review)

Bringing a new light to his voice, Queensrÿche Vocalist Todd La Torre is proud to announce the release of his long awaited debut solo album, Rejoice In The Suffering, scheduled to drop on Friday, February 5, 2021 via Rat Pak Records.

Born to be a musician, La Torre’s musical legacy dates back to his teenage years when he first began to play drums. As a young man, La Torre’s parents kept music in the air, exposing the future Rock star to a variety of music in the areas of Rock, Pop, and Jazz. Eventually settling in as a talented Vocalist and songwriter, La Torre’s most notable venture in Rock came when he joined legendary Seattle, Washington based Progressive Rock act, Queensrÿche, in 2012 following the departure of singer Geoff Tate. Taking the ball and running with it, La Torre has done an impeccable job fronting Queensrÿche as he pays tribute to their classic tracks and brings his own soaring vocals to new Queensrÿche tunes on albums like 2015’s Condition Human and 2019’s The Verdict.

Due to the current state of the recording and touring industry, La Torre has put his all into using this down time to perfecting his first ever solo effort entitled Rejoice In The Suffering. Working along side Guitarist Craig Blackwell and veteran Producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris, La Torre has crafted 13 brand new Heavy Metal songs intended to Rock the hell out of anyone who dares press play. That in mind, Rejoice In The Suffering begins ferociously with the track one “Dogmata.” A rugged guitar riff and rising drums give way to a Rocking sound that really pops. Right away you can see a departure from La Torre’s usual Progressive style, now sounding a lot more straight up Metal. For the next track, “Pretenders” is more in the area of the Queensrÿche sound, gang vocals included.

Next up, “Hellbound and Down” offers up a third straight killer intro and the single “Darkened Majesty” sees La Torre’s ominous falsetto complement the shifting melodies making for an awesome listen. Not wanting to slow down, Rejoice In The Suffering really goes for the throat with the heavy groove of a track like “Vexed” which once again sees La Torre’s bloodcurdling vocals take center stage as does the second single “Vanguards of the Dawn Wall.” While La Torre shows his chops on the speed driven tracks, the talented singer does a fantastic job screaming into the night on the epic slow tempo numbers “Crossroads to Insanity” and “Apology.” For the real die hards in the house, if fans pick up the deluxe edition of Rejoice In The Suffering, you’ll be treated to even more content via the 3 bonus tracks “Fractured,” “Set it Off,” and “One by One.”

Loud, heavy, and making you want more, Todd La Torre’s Rejoice In The Suffering is one hell of a debut solo album. All song intros will come right out and kick the listener in the teeth. Packing a punch, Rejoice In The Suffering is the best and most raging La Torre’s voice has sounded in the mainstream. Stand out tracks include “Darkened Majesty,” “Vexed,” “Crossroads to Insanity,” and “Apology.” Showing La Torre in a new light, Rejoice In The Suffering goes out of its way to kick your behind and could steal the show for top Metal album of 2021. Rejoicing in the music, Cryptic Rock awards Rejoice In The Suffering 5 out of 5 stars.

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