Trapt are “Reborn” (Album review)

Trapt are “Reborn” (Album review)

Trapt_0129_t598Trapt has been going strong now for 16 years!  Through that time the band has seen many changes internally and externally. Main stays Chris Taylor Brown (lead vocals) and Peter Charell (bass guitar) have seen many members come and go.  Most recently Aaron “Monty” Montgomery (drums) departed and was replaced by Dylan Thomas Howard and Robb Torres (lead guitar) replaced by Travis Miguel formerly of Atreyu.  Weathering the struggles and triumphing with success of such singles as “Headstrong”, “Still Frame”, and “Stand Up” to name a few.  “Reborn” is the band’s 5th full length album.  Deciding to make a bold move Trapt released “Reborn” independently from a record label.  Relying strongly on their reputation and dedicated fan base taking on all responsibilities of production and release of the album.

The album starts off with two high octane hard rock tracks in “Bring It” and “Love Hate Relationship”.  Both tracks are strong singles with sing along choruses Trapt fans have grown to love.  “Living In The Eye Of The Storm” is the 3rd single off the album and possibly the best to date.  A very deep track of melodic rock laced with self reflective and uplifting lyrics.  In “Strength By Numbers” the band experiments with different guitar sounds adding texture and depth to the track.  Lyrically the song reminds us that we are not alone and to unify against injustice.  “Going Under” is a wonderful track of rock with memorable guitar melodies and dream like atmosphere.  Addressing the struggles one faces with negative influence in their life and fighting through it.  “Too Close” is one of the most unique tracks on the album.  The song finds the more deeply experimenting with sounds and style.  “When It Rains” is probably the best track on the album.  Vocal harmonies, catchy guitar riffs, and drenched with melody.  This track should be a single and would excel in the European rock scene.  Last but not least “You’re No Angel” closes out the album strong.  Reminding us that no one is perfect and that is the beauty of being a human being.  The deluxe edition of the album features 4 acoustic versions of album tracks and the non-album track “Avelyn”.    An emotional track of lose and learned to live with it.  The track leaves Chris Taylor Brown’s vocals naked and right up front in the listeners ear.  A track making the deluxe edition a much purchase for fans.

“Reborn” is overall a strong hard rock album.  You will find a perfect blend of ass kicking hard rock and emotional driven tracks here.  Trapt is without a doubt an extremely consistent band.  The album stays true to who Trapt are with broadening the band’s sound with some new elements to keep it fresh.  CrypticRock gives this album a 4 out of 5. 


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