Trapt Rise At Revolution Music Hall Amityville, NY 2-26-16 w/ Adakain & Rival City Heights

Nearly two decades into their career, Hard Rock band Trapt still have plenty to offer the scene. Originally come together when the members were in high school, the working class approach of Northern California’s Trapt has not waned in the two decades to follow. Spending years playing local clubs and honing their sound, the band defied all naysayers and, by the time 2001 hit, they had inked themselves a record deal with Warner Bros. Records. Well on their way, they released their self-titled major label debut in the late Fall of 2002. Lead by a single that has ranked highly on the charts, the album itself would go platinum by 2005. Proving they did not just catch a rocket in a bottle, Trapt would follow-up with five more highly-charted albums riddled with singles that would top Hard Rock charts year after year.

Now coming off internal changes in recent years, Trapt are still going strong led by Lead Vocalist/Guitar Chris Taylor Brown and Bassist Peter “Pete” Charell, adding Dylan Thomas Howard on drums in 2012, along with Ty Fury on guitar in 2014. Set to release their seventh overall studio album, DNA, sometime in the Summer of 2016, the band has been on the road playing shows around the USA, exciting their core fanbase in the meantime. Kicking off a run of shows in February, on Friday the 26th, Trapt, along with support from Adakain and River City Heights, returned to Revolution Bar and Music Hall in Amityville, New York for the first time since July of 2014. A different time of the season, not much changed as Trapt packed the house with Rock fans ready to indulge in their anthemic brand of music.

Along for the ride were four Long Island/New York City based bands to entertain the crowded venue. Starting the night off on a very strong note were Cracked Alice out of New York City. Led by Matthew Paul (Vocals, Guitar) and joined by Luis Cambero (Drums), Stan Esposito (Bass, Vocals) and Alex Gil (Guitar, Vocals), the band proved to be the perfect starting point for the night, warming up fans with their infectious Rock tracks. Lynxx took the night as an opportunity to unleash his talents on a prototype Gimenez guitar with plenty of intense solos laden throughout the performance.

Continuing the fun was local band Inherit the Earth. Comprised of Lee Leuken (Vocals), Steven Mullinax (Bass), Peter Zambuto (Drums), Charlie Bozza (Guitar) and Vicenzo Voccia Jr. (Guitar), the band was actually celebrating their first live show together at Revolution Bar. The Hard Rock band made sure to put their best foot forward, leaving fans looking forward to a second showing down the road. Capping off their performance, the band threw tshirts into the crowd, much to the delight of the many who were lucky to catch one.

Lubricoma then took the show to a whole new level with a powerful performance. With Charlie Adrianus Parks leading the group on Vocals and Guitar, the Progressive Rock group is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after an incredibly bumpy road, becoming a cannot miss band in the process. Joined by Nick Formont (Bass), Lou Panariello (Drums), and Michael Domanico (Keyboard). The band recently found the perfect complement to their sound with John Rivera taking over on Guitar. With originals including “Absolution Clinic” and “Le Lumiere Noir,” with a breathtaking cover of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence,” the band raised the bar and left fans wanting more. Lubricoma will be right back at it at Revolution Bar in April opening for an Orgy and Filter show sure to have fans packing out the Music Hall.

Picking up right where Lubricoma left off, local band J. Rad then took to the stage. The Hard Rock band out of North Babylon comprised of Gino Rudolph (Vocals), Jared Cannata (Guitar, Vocals), Mo Sticky (Drums, Vocals), and Kareem Clarke (Bass) introduced the crowd to their hard-hitting tracks off their new album, Sick Fantasy, much to the delight of the live crowd. With tons of talent and energy to spare, the group worked the crowd into a frenzy as the set continued. Hard Rock fans will have a hard time finding a more fitting band to listen to than J. Rad and are strongly suggested to check out the group.

Leading the way for the national supporting acts was Dallas, Texas’ Adakain. The group including Ryan Ray (Vocals), Corey Goodwin (Guitar), Anthony Morel (Bass), and Ryan Carroll (Drums) give Rock lovers everything they have, and seeing them live proves they are men of their word. Meeting each other while playing in other bands, the four men of Adakain have quickly gained steam opening for bands including Korn, Slayer, and Marilyn Manson before joining Trapt for the tour that found them in Long Island.

Showcasing their newly released album, Never Coming Home, the band hit the stage excited to display everything they had to offer. Enjoying playing in front of the packed out venue, Adakain played tracks off their album including “We Crawl,” as the concert goers quickly warmed up to the band. Getting into the music, everyone was impressed as the band moved into tracks like “We All Bleed Red” and “Fight Back.”  With powerful vocals of Ray leading the way, the instrumentation of Goodwin, Morel, and Carroll showed them to be an extremely solid foursome. Finally, they made sure to treat the audience to their newly released single, “Hey Girl,” before thanking them for coming out.

Making their way to their merchandise booth to spend time with their new crop of fans, Adakain gladly added their signatures on all albums sold and posed for photos with everyone that came to see them. With all the talent Adakain possesses, 2016 will hopefully bring more great things for them. Hard Rock and Metal fans should head to Amazon or iTunes to pick up a copy of Never Coming Home to see what this band is all about.

One last band stood between Long Islanders and the headliners Trapt, they were Detroit, Michigan’s Rival City Heights. With quite a buzz surrounding them, this band has all the pieces to become stars on today’s Rock scene. Spearheaded by Vocalist Jeff Gutt , formerly of Dry Cell, as well as a finalist on The X Factor in 2012, Rival City Heights is rounded out by Guitarist Gary Pittel, Guitarist Cyamak Ashtiani, and Bassist KC Jenkins. Joining them for the their run with Trapt is professional Drummer of Evanescence fame, Will Hunt.

Though the band’s debut full-length album has yet to drop, it was on full display for the live crowd at the Revolution Music Hall. In fact, those in attendance were taken back by how powerful the band sounded with tracks like “Run to Me,” which had them banging their heads to the music. The five men each shined as they played on with others like “Reason For The War,” “Fading Out,” and “Nothing Left Anymore.” Having everyone cheering them on after each song, before Rival City Heights exited the stage, they made sure to treat the audience to their recently released single, “Take It Back,” a song that deserves significant airplay on Rock radio.

Rival City Heights wrapped up their tour with Trapt on March 5th, but they have two shows lined up in the Michigan area on the 19th opening for Critical Bill and on the 20th with Bret Michaels and Bobaflex. With their eyes now set on the release of their debut album, Rival City Heights have a lot to look forward to in 2016. Expect very big things from this band as they look to take the Rock world by storm.

With the crowd warmed up by New York based support along with Adakain and Rival City Heights, the energy was flowing before Trapt hit the stage. Known for their often energetic and inspiring songs, Brown and Trapt proudly opened up with their newest single, “Human (Like the Rest of Us).” Receiving a roar of approval from the start, they quickly rolled on with 2013 Reborn cut “Bring It” before dipping into 2008’s hit “Who’s Going Home With You Tonight?” as fans sung along.  As they pushed through the set, Brown took time to salute the crowd with a shot of his favorite alcoholic beverage before leading the crowd into Trapt backtracks “Waiting,” “Lost Realist,” and “Victim.” Balanced in their approach early on, Brown and his bandmates even paid tribute to the late, great Scott Weiland by rocking out a strong rendition of Stone Temple Pilot’s “Plush,” which again, saw many singing and dancing along.

Following the cover of a hit with a hit of their own, Trapt offered up a single off their major label debut, “Echo;”a song many still adore to this day. The sing alongs did not stop as they followed up with “These Walls” and “Contagious.” Each track carefully laid out to build on the other’s excitement, the set’s momentum carried on with newbie “Passenger” before “Black Rose.” Stopping to exchange pleasantries with the crowd in between songs, the Rock club vibe was perfect for Trapt’s brand of music. As the fun continued, Adakain’s Ryan Ray could not keep away from Trapt’s addictive energy as he joined them on stage for 2013’s “Love Hate Relationship.”

Closing out their performance, Trapt treated fans to the song which turned everyone on to their music back in 2002, the one and only “Headstrong.” While adrenaline was pumping from the start, Revolution kicked into a new gear as many started a mosh pit as the song played. With the crowd moving around, some items became lost in the shuffle, including a coat check ticket that found its way into Brown’s hand. Brown lifted the ticket up to return it to its rightful owner. With order restored, the band thanked the gracious crowd and left the stage to chants of “One More Song!”

The chants only grew in volume as fans awaited the hopeful return of the band and those prayers did not go unanswered as the band soon returned to the bright lights of the Amityville bar. “You want us to play one more song?,” Brown asked to roar of approval. The support only grew when Brown added “…How about two?” The two tracks on display for the encore would be “Stand Up” and the emotional favorite “Still Frame.” As last notes sounded, Trapt again thanked everyone and made sure to shake and high five as many hands as possible before calling it a night.

Trapt resumes touring on March 25th with more dates from April 22nd throughout the United States. There is no doubt they will continue to give their fans an up-close and personal experience inside an intimate settings such as they did with the Revolution Bar and Music Hall. Those who do choose to come out to a Trapt show can look forward to an unforgettable night with a selection of songs that strikes all the right chords as they prepare for DNA later this year.

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