Trivium & Tremonti Bring hardDrive Live Tour To The Emporium Patchogue, NY 9-20-15 w/ Wilson

Trivium & Tremonti Bring hardDrive Live Tour To The Emporium Patchogue, NY 9-20-15 w/ Wilson

Back in 2008, The hardDrive Live Tour commenced with the likes of the bands All That Remains and We Came As Romans. Since garnishing acts such as Bullet For My Valentine, Black Stone Cherry, Sevendust, and Halestorm, among others, 2015’s embodiment of a tour has plenty to offer fans with a schedule to hit 33-cities in total. Opening on September 9th in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, this year’s tour is set to end on October 20th in Denver, Colorado, and features Trivium, Tremonti, and Wilson. Orlando, Florida being the point of genesis for both Tremonti and Trivium, these bands have a long history of making music and influencing their genres. Welcoming the upstart Wilson into the fold, this iteration of the tour promises to be hugely entertaining. Skipping over New York City this go around, the tour decided to stop at The Emporium in Patchogue, New York on Sunday, September 20th, giving Long Island a chance to share the spotlight.

Wilson opened the show with ferocity. Their banner, a sign of things to come, depicted a vicious dog, teeth bared, defending his turf. This Heavy Rock outfit had all the grit one could imagine, coming from a hard working, tough-as-nails city like Detroit, Michigan. Marking their second appearance at The Emporium, their first being back in April of 2014 supporting All That Remains and Darkest Hour, Wilson was more than excited to be back. Turning heads with their energy and catchy, hard-edged Rock, they gave the crowd a taste of their newest release, Right to Rise. Released June 29, 2015 via Razor & Tie Records, cuts from the album such as “Give Em Hell” and “Hang With The Devil” created a fun, party atmosphere as Vocalist Chad Nicefield surfed the crowd while Guitarists Jason Spencer and Kyle Landry, as well as Bassist James Lascu rained sweat down on the first few rows.

Churning out song after song from their catalog, including igniters off 2013’s Full Blast Fuckery, Wilson showed immense energy, as well as showmanship. Matching the rest of the band’s enthusiasm, Drummer Matt Puhy drove the set with power and precision. The band closed the fast-paced show with Nicefield picking up a marching bass drum and pounding out the finale along with Puhy. Their is no question these guys created a huge buzz and have big things awaiting them, so get out and see them as they continue to tour.

Mark Tremonti is a very busy man these days. Those living under a rock, Tremonti is a founding member of both top-selling Rock bands Creed and Alter Bridge. Between preparing for the next Alter Bridge record and the recent release of  his self- titled band Tremonti’s new record Cauterize, he continues his prolific career as guitarist and Grammy award winning songwriter. Supporting Cauterize fittingly with ample touring, Tremonti visited Long Island just a few months ago at The Paramount in Huntington while opening for Seether. Now given the chance to give Long Islanders a much fuller set, Bassist Tanner Keegan joined Tremonti on stage along with Drummer Garrett Whitlock and Guitarist Eric Friedman, ready to Rock -n- Roll.

Getting everyone’s blood flowing, they kicked off with their latest album title track. A song with an initial sharp attack, “Cauterize” swung toward melodic textures and into heavy chunk; a gripping start. “You Waste Your Time” showed Tremonti’s versatile vocal style employing a lower register while “All I Was” slowed the pace, and deepened the mood, followed by “So You’re Afraid,” all coming from the band’s debut 2012 record entitled All I Was. Back to the new material, “Flying Monkeys” had a heavy thumping feel combined with great melodies to make this a standout from Cauterize. “The Things I’ve Seen” switched things up once again with Tremonti asking the crowd to put their hands up and wave them back and forth as he began to sing and play by himself. Once the rest of the band joined him, the song turned anthemic.

Not letting down, “Radical Change” and “Dark Trip” showed more layers and textures coming from Cauterize. The former a Thrasher and the latter a heavy ballad, both equally pleasing the crowd. “Brains” featured eerie diminished tones and vocal harmonies evoking Alice in Chains. “Providence” once again prompted hands to wave as Tremonti and Friedman combined for great vocal harmonies before the band picked up the pace again with “Arm Yourself” into the stomping “Decay” and “Another Heart,” a more commercial and catchy tune. Tremonti asked the crowd for a big friendly mosh pit before closing the show with the ripper “Wish You Well.” Tremonti  delivered a strong set of diverse Heavy Rock songs that covered a variety of feels and styles. As a frontman, Mark Tremonti commanded the audience with strong vocals and an abundance of charisma, while his band provided a great foundation, and great stage show.

Trivium has been crafting exciting Meal since the day they signed with Roadrunner Records back in 2004. Establishing a name as one of the leaders in American Heavy Metal, Trivium have become veterans of the game in what seems to be the blink of an eye. No strangers to the road, the band recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of their Roadrunner Records debut, Ascendancy, and this time around they are touring in support of their seventh studio album entitled Silence In The Snow, released via Roadrunner on October 2nd.

Boldly beginning their set with the opening piece of Silence In The Snow, “Snøfall,” the packed house was rowdy and ready for Trivium, watching the stage anxiously for any sign of Lead Vocalist Matt Heafy. The demon heads flanking the stage, eyes glowing blue, stood silently as the crowd erupted at the first sight of Drummer Mat Madiro, who replaced Nick Augusto. He was immediately joined by Guitarist Corey Beaulieu and Bassist Paolo Gregoletto, before Heafy strode out to greet all those gathered. Going into “Silence in the Snow,” the band received a positive reaction immediately. “Down From The Sky” had the crowd, fists in the air, shouting “Hey!” over and over in unison, with Heafy urging them louder until the first verse kicked in, prompting the crowd to sing the entire song along with the band. Then, being the strong leading man he is, Heafy gave the crowd an assignment. He told them to scream whatever word they wanted on the count of three. When they complied, he estimated that 97% of the words chosen were “fuck.”

Keeping the energy flowing like water, “Becoming The Dragon,” from their 2006 release The Crusade, was next, again drawing help from the crowd. “Strife” and “Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr” delivered catchy vocal harmonies and heavy riffs. Heafy was vocally strong, in fact, sounding better than ever, coming back from last years throat problems. “Built to Fall” from 2013’s Vengeance Falls was a fan favorite.”Until the World Goes Cold” received strong praise for a brand new track while “Throes of Perdition,” from 2008’s Shogun album, “Anthem,” and “Black” showcased Trivium’s range of material and extensive catalog.

Moving along, “A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation” reached back to the bands second album Ascendancy and featured heavy double bass drums and sharp guitar work from Heafy and Beaulieu. Then there was “Blind Leading the Blind” and “Dying in Your Arms,” which offered more of the same high powered, driving force. Trivium closed their night with the instrumental “Capsizing The Sea” into “In Waves” from 2011’s album of the same name. Trivium delivered a great set full of stand out moments; their fans most of it with fists and horns in the air. With strong approval for the new record, Trivium continues to deliver.

This year’s hardDrive Live tour delivered a killer lineup of Heavy Rock and Metal all over the country. The stop at The Emporium saw new Heavy Rock band in Wilson come out and impress all in attendance, while a prolific Guitarist/Singer-Songwriter in Mark Tremonti continue his rise, and a veteran Heavy Metal outfit in Trivium command a huge gathering of loyal fans. Overall, The Emporium was an amazing spot this night of the tour, and Long Island is thankful to have been the host.

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