Trouser Snake (Movie Review)

Trouser slide - Trouser Snake (Movie Review)

Trouser Snake (Movie Review)

Released back in March of 2016, Trouser Snake is a fun, short film produced by Grimbridge Productions. Co-written by James Cilano and Alex DiVincenzo, the feel harkens back to B-movie Horror classics of the ’50s and ’60s; the film packs a lot of campy horror into its sub-five minute run-time.

trouser 1 - Trouser Snake (Movie Review)
Still from Trouser Snake

As expected, the title character monster, credited as being played by Jordan Pacheco (Human Nature 2012, Mania 2015), is a snake that lives in the pants of the main character Thomas (Alexander Gauthier: Humble River 2013, The Spirit of Christmas 2015). The story  itself opens with Thomas and his “best gal,” Lucy (Jamie Lyn Bagley: The Sins of Dracula 2014, Flesh for the Inferno 2015), sitting in a car on Lover’s Lane. Through various flashbacks, the audience learns that something nefarious is going on in Thomas’ pants. This is through a scary moment in the bathroom, a house-call by a clueless, and inappropriate, family doctor (Michael Thurber: The Sins of Dracula 2014, Flesh for the Inferno 2015), as well as a family dinner interrupted by a mysteriously rising dining room table. These events are interjected between scenes of Lucy attempting to gain access to Thomas’ “hot rod.” When the big reveal happens, it is cheesy, funny, but most importantly, well-worth the wait.

The only real nitpicks about Trouser Snake is that some of the dialog is too dated. It is as if the writing was not sure which decade it should be shooting for, and the abrupt edits between flashbacks and real time, are a bit jarring. Co-Writer and Director DiVincenzo stated, “Trouser Snake is my second short film, following The Horrors of AutoCorrect (which was distributed online by Eli Roth’s Crypt TV). It’s a comedic send-up to ’50s creature features in which the monster is a giant penis. Despite its bawdy content and miniscule budget, I was able to convince supremely talented actors and crew members – some of the best New England has to offer – to help out. Needless to say, the atmosphere on set was a ton of fun. It premiered at the prestigious Boston Underground Film Festival earlier this year, where it received a great reaction from the crowd. It will be debuting online this summer.”

That being said, overall, DiVincenzo and his New England based cast and crew succeeded in bringing the story to life in a bit of gory fun. Stick around through the credits for a teaser to the sequel. CrypticRock gives Trouser Snake 4 out of 5 stars.

Trouser - Trouser Snake (Movie Review)

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