Twelve Foot Ninja & Starset surge at Webster Hall, NYC 11-19-14

Twelve Foot Ninja & Starset surge at Webster Hall, NYC 11-19-14

Webster Hall in New York City was loaded with Hard Rock and Metal on Wednesday November 19th.  Known as a multi-room venue, Webster Hall is no stranger to holding more than one concert at a time.  On an off-date of In This Moment’s Black Widow Tour, with Starset and Twelve Foot Ninja, the band’s split into two separate shows held in separate rooms, on the same evening.  In This Moment, performing in the main room of the hall, as a private event in celebration of the release of their new album, allowed their supporting acts to take the time to have their own co-headlining evening in the room directly below.  With an opening spot from NYC’s own Shitkill, Starset and Twelve Foot Ninja were ready to rumble with a generous crowd of fans ready to rock.

Midwest American band Starset was poised and ready to take the stage.  This being Starset’s third time in New York City, and second at the studio in the past year speaks volumes of the band’s recent rise in the hard rock world.  Going from an unsigned but promising act to releasing their debut album Tranmissions via Razor & Tie records earlier in 2014, Starset has seen a lot of positive events unfold recently.  Fronted by former Downplay vocalist Dustin Bates, the band treated New York City to their sci-fi themed tunes and the Starset Society message through numbers like “Rise and Fall,” “Halo,” and “Carnivore.”  All band members still sport their astronaut-esque attire on stage while Dustin Bates sets the stage with his life size IPAD screen and keyboard.  Interestingly enough, on this tour an additional cello player accompanied the band, adding to the “cinematic” ambiance.  Closing with the single “My Demons,” Starset literally performed until they were forced off the stage, despite time restrictions.  True to their fans and their brand, Starset continues to make great strides and amass more and more followers each trip to the Big Apple.

The final band of the night, Australia’s very own Twelve Foot Ninja, took the stage just after 10 PM.  Having made huge strides in the rock world, both overseas and now spilling into the USA, the crowd was fervent and ready for the Mr. Bungle-inspired quirky Metal that the band has made their own.  Debuting with the album Silent Machine in 2012, tremendous fanfare provoked a re-release in 2014 as the band continues to ride a wave in which they have been dubbed one of the hottest and most innovative bands on the scene.

With anticipation running high they kicked off their set with “Mother Sky,” sending The Studio into a frenzy as fans began immediately opening up the floor and moshing.  Moving from Metal to calypso to Reggae-like interludes and breakdowns all within one song, it was interesting to see the crowd dynamics change from aggressive moshing to slow head nodding every minute.  Packing the room, Twelve Foot Ninja could not have been happier or more excited to see such a positive response in this return to New York.  Playing a full set of old and new songs including “Vanguard,” “Deluge,”, single “Coming For You,” and of course “Ain’t That a Bitch,” the band were energetic in their delivery and clearly fed by the enthusiasm of the crowd.  Keeping true to their tongue-in-cheek videos, there was plenty of laughs to be had as the the band knew how to address the audience, keeping the mood light-hearted between songs until the very end.

Not to be labelled as rock stars, the band was more than willing to spend time meeting with fans before and after their set, taking photos, signing autographs, and connecting on a more personal level.  Closing out the night, it was assured that all the rock fans in the house had something warm to take with them on an unseasonably cold November evening thanks to Twelve Foot Ninja’s tremendous instrumentally stimulating display and pleasant attitudes.  Be sure to catch them and Starset as the Black Widow Tour continues through December 14th.

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