Twiztid closes out Rock and Shock Worcester, MA 10-19-14

The third and final night of Rock and Shock on Sunday October 19th at the Worcester, MA Palladium was set to be electric experience, filled with an intensifying assault of balance, volume, and velocity. If Saturday night’s show was all about Metalcore, Sunday night’s show was a shout-out to all things Hip Hop.  There was fluid mix of Hardcore, Hip Hop and Old School sounds, culminating in a Juggalo’s dream; an hour long set by Majik Ninja’s Twiztid and their undead cohort, Blaze Ya Dead Homie.  Running into the venue with force, the audience was trigger happy before the first band even took the stage, wild-eyed, phantom faced and pining for that first bass drop.

The Dopemen

The Dopemen were the first group to take the stage. Made up of two emcees, Bigg Juicy (AKA Chuck Reeves) and Dutty MuthaFuckin Divine (AKA Dustin Soares) hailing from Newport, RI, where they have had a hell of a time getting the recognition they feel the genre deserves. Playing shows up and down the Northeast and putting in their time, this Hip Hop/Rap duo invite listeners to follow the fog and find out how The Dopemen roll! Their old school sound reminded many of A Tribe Called Quest, filled with simple rhythms, clear, tight rapping and a smooth tempo. Their music can be heard at their SoundCloud page, with a standout being the skit “Bootz & Catz.”

Split Face

Boston, MA’s own Split Face was on stage next. Coming in with a much more Hardcore sound, Split Face is in the face of listeners and ready to bash everything, including himself. A bit less cocky than many rappers of today, Split Face makes up for his attitude with harsh lyrics and pointed beats. Produced by Mr. 808 and joined by Cambridge’s Madd Maxx and B’LoCo, Split Face got down to the crowd’s level as he spit his rhymes like a slow, steady jackhammer. Included in his set were the songs “Fuck Split Face,” “Game of Death,” “Just Another Body,” and “Sex and Violence,” featuring Madd Maxxx.”  Other songs included “Return of Dizzy McBooger” featuring B’LoCo, “666 Steps to Hell by Infinity,” and “Fuck Her In the Ass.” Check out some of Split Face’s music on his Facebook page.


Next up was Coventry, RI Hip Hop artist Rob-U-Blind. Born Robert Cote, Rob-U-Blind has been performing since 2008 and released his first full album, Programmed for Damage, in April of this year. Hypeman Robert “Ruggz” Ruggieri is in charge of promotions for the 25 year old rapper as Rob-U-Blind took the stage by storm, pummeling the audience with thumping, smashing beats that combined an Old School flow with contemporary lyrics. Songs performed were “Get Down,” “Bounce,” “Over Rated,” “Programmed for Damage,” “Rob U Blind” and “Wicked.” A stand out song was “We Don’t Need ‘Em Anyway,” bringing back the sounds of greats like Public Enemy and Naughty By Nature. You can hear all of these songs and more on the Rob-U-Blind’s YouTube channel, and he is currently getting ready to visit the studio to lay down a brand new album. Rob is big on staying grounded and makes sure his fans know that he is an approachable, down to earth guy, so check him out. He will not disappoint.

Neurotic November

The first thing one notices about Nu-Deathcore band Neurotic November is Bear, the female bassist with more balls than Kobe Bryant’s half court. Her white eyes and gnarly dreads hypnotized the audience early on, and then when they heard her kickass solos, they were hooked. Firming up in south Florida back in 2009, Neurotic November is comprised of Bear, Dirty on vocals, Yoshii and Nig on guitars and Paiste on drums.  Releasing their debut studio album Anunnaki via Victory Records just a week after playing at the Palladium, the band looks to make a splash with their interesting style.  Also sporting some killer dreads, Dirty danced around the stage with never ending energy while doing back flips and spewing out hardcore vocals. Both Nig and Yoshii played with devoted intensity and passion, each of them holding their own with some amazing solos, while the blast beats put out by Paiste were impossibly fast and incredibly addicting. Songs played during their set included “The Betrayer,” “Check Mate,” “Parents,” “To Prevail,” “Wasabi Anguish” and “Nonchalant.”Check out Neurotic November live, for it is an experience well worth the price of the ticket.

Psych Ward Druggies

The Psych Ward Druggies were brought together just over a year ago and already they have made a name for themselves. Mad scientist Dr. Csalohcin gathered up some of his craziest asylum patients and put their stories to song. Each of the nine band members have their own sound and contribution, and of the 34 tracks on their first mixtape, Musical Prescription, each member gets his or her chance to shine. The music in interspersed with bits of conversation, leading the listener on a demented trip through each of these cracked heads. Their sound is a cross between Rap, Hip Hop, Rock, R&B, and club music.  The modish, bubbly beats are impossible to listen to without bopping along like, most at The Palladium did. One standout song is the offbeat “Respect The Shooter,” a memorable track with an ultra-funky baseline and some sweet drops. Do not be surprised to see this eclectic bunch pop up at your next venue, jamming right there in the parking lot and pulling in those passing by with their goofy, hyperactive sound. Members include Golden Boy (rapper), P Blanco Deauville (DJ/producer), Sir Ryan Anthony (rapper), Don Druggie (drummer/rapper), Strikes (rapper), Ryan Bowers (rapper/skateboarder), Kehlani (singer), and Hero (rapper/guitarist) and hypeman Dr. Csalohcin. Check them out for a journey into insanity.

Kung Fu Vampire

Considered one of the best choppers in the Hip-hop/Horrorcore community, Kung Fu Vampire took the stage Sunday night to an ecstatic crowd of exalted partiers. With a rapid-fire delivery so familiar to fans, the Vampire hammered out continuous bars that told a Gothic, Hip Hop story that kept the Juggalos in the crowd pushed to the edge of their adrenaline limit. Included in this San Jose, CA group are the Count, the Kung Fu Vampire himself on vocals, Jeremy Pollett on bass and Chris Paxton on drums. Trading in the white face paint and shaved head for longer hair and a clean face, the Count prefers to use this pre-set time for fan interaction rather than makeup preparation. Their song “Dead Girls Don’t Say No” from the Dead Sexy album was featured on the soundtrack for the 2010 movie Mother’s Day starring Rebecca DeMornay and Aaron Paul.


Wrapping up the weekend fittingly was Horrorcore leaders Twiztid.  Appearing on stage to rabid fans, the duo wore official Halloween jerseys, an orange and purple affair emblazoned with the sinister Frightfest pumpkin, with Madrox sporting a red Mohawk and Monoxide a backward white ball cap. Shirtless, sweaty crowd surfers literally threw themselves at the white faced pair, defiantly being tossed back into the pits by stoic-faced bouncers. The hour long gift that Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child brought to their Juggalo family was provocative, spastic and titillating, going through a multitude of songs, including “Mutant X,” “Green Pumpkin,” “Hom-Sha-Bom,” “Bad Side,” “Blink,” “Down With Us,” “Breakdown,” “How Does It Feel?” “Shittalkaz,” “Story Of Our Lives,” the ballad “LDLHA-IBCSYWA,” and fan-favorites “Diemuthafuckadie” and “Murder Murder Murder.” They even offered up a blast from the past with “Rock the Dead” off of 1999’s Mostasteless.

Mid-set vanishing off the stage, only to return a moment later with the undead partier, Blaze Ya Dead Homie ,provoked chaos on the floor.  Devil horns waving, they sang Blaze’s “Napalm,” Dark Lotus’s “Headache” and Twiztid’s “4 Those of U.” Highlighting the already tremendous evening, Twiztid invited the crowd to sit around the campfire with them, share Slurpees and expand on how much the Family means to them. Reminiscent of the humbleness shown to fans during their “SickMan” panel earlier that afternoon, the reluctant heroes of Twiztid bowed to the crowd, thanking the fans for their continued support and everlasting respect.

As the wild weekend drew to a close, exhausted fans exited the Palladium still buzzing. The 11th Annual Rock and Shock Horror and Music Convention was one they would not soon forget, filled with sensational music both new and known, outrageous acts, and an almost personal experience with the bands. If this is what the powers that be had to show attendees this year, then everyone cannot wait to see what they have planned for 2015.

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