Uncle Acid & the deadbeats conquer NYC 9-26-14

On the fifth night of their “Acid Across America” tour, Uncle Acid & the deadbeats managed to sell out their first performance in the city that never sleeps at Bowery Ballroom on Friday September 26th. The English Psychedelic Rock act has long been awaited across this end of the ocean, even more so after their debut American gig back in May at Maryland Deathfest, giving fans a tease of how igniting their music is live.  Known to the international audience with three strong records and 2013 European tour with Black Sabbath this New York City show sold quickly after its announcement.  Many fans that had come to this show paid high prices for resale tickets and some even came from as far as Texas to enjoy the Uncle Acid experience, hinting a wonderful night was in store for all that partook.

Setting the mood first was supporting band from Portland, Oregon by the name of Danava.  Together now for over a decade with their Classic Rock sound with Progressive Metal elements, they have released three albums via Brooklyn, NY based label Kemado Records.  Taking over the mood lighten Bowery Ballroom with a storm of doomish tunes driven by powerful drumming of Matthew Oliver along with guitar work of Gregory Meleney and Andrew Forgash, Danava sounded magical.  With songs like “Shoot Straight With a Crooked Gun” and “I Am the Skull,” their set was just what the doctor ordered to get the night started.  Fans of classic ’70’s Heavy Rock should not miss Danava.

With the room completely packed with eager rockers of all ages, the atmosphere could not have been anymore perfect; it was like a scene taken from an old ’60s Psychedelic film were one’s favorite band plays in a stage only lit by TV’s with static screens and small hints of different shades of light shadowing them. Walking out with their hair concealing their faces, Kevin (K.R.) Starrs, aka Uncle Acid, (vocals/organ/guitar), Yotam Rubinger (guitar/backing vocals), Dean Millar (bass), and Itamar Rubinger (drums) received a roaring welcome from the New York crowd ready to rock and roll.  Not disappointing the anticipation surround them, Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats rattled off their absolute best material, and yet, as demanding as an NYC crowd could be, everyone seemed to be more than satisfied. Opening with “Mt. Abraxas,” they played everything from “Crystal Spiders,” “I’m Here to Kill You,” “Death’s Door,” “13 Candles,” to their new single “Runaway Girls.” Taking the crowd on a journey through the ’60s and ’70s, just as a pilgrimage with a psychotic leader would, Uncle Acid’s voice mesmerized with each passing note sung.  The warm riffs playing out the amps of Uncle Acid and Yotam was matched by the vibrating bass of Millar and quick stick work of Itamar.  Through and through, this band is a unified force, not merely playing the music, but living each and every tune to its fullest potential.

It seemed as though everyone is the cramped hall of the Bowery Ballroom was losing their heads and at some point this music, as rock oriented as it is, had made some crazy enough to begin a couple of mosh pits throughout the night. Closing their thirteen song set with “Devil’s Work,” Uncle Acid and his band definitely left a huge hole to fill for other bands as they completely conquered the night and the crowd. This was the show NYC had been needing for a while; something to ignite a fire in the Rock scene. Being a tough city to crack, not every band that comes though can please an entire ballroom full of people as Uncle Acid & the deadbeats did. As something as amazing as this show would do, everyone was already craving the return of Drop Acid Coven and their main act Uncle Acid & the deadbeats. They are still embarking on their pilgrimage throughout the US, playing seven sold out shows in a row, and aiming for more.






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