Under The Sun Tour- Fastball, Vertical Horizon, Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray, & Smash Mouth live at The Paramount (Exclusive coverage)

Under The Sun Tour- Fastball, Vertical Horizon, Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray, & Smash Mouth live at The Paramount (Exclusive coverage)

Under The Sun 2013 came to The Paramount in Huntington New York last Tuesday July 30th.  Being the inaugural year of the tour Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath decided to break away from the Summerland Tour to embark on his own 1990’s alternative rock tour.  The evening was packed with 5 popular alternative rock bands from the 1990’s.  A near sold out crowd watched as each band rocked out hit song after hit song.  The atmosphere was fun and the overall vibe was positive.  Here is the visual and literal recount of the evening with Fastball, Vertical Horizon, Gin Blossoms, Sugar Ray, and Smash Mouth.

Fastball- From Austin Texas Fastball took the 1990’s rock radio scene by storm with hit singles “The Way”, “Out Of My Head”, and “You’re An Ocean”.  The band started off the evening with a bang igniting the crowd with their guitar and piano driven power pop / rock n roll sound.

Vertical Horizon- Alternative rock band formed in Georgetown Washington DC obtained major success in 1999 with their 2 x platinum album Everything You Want.  Matt Scannell and company rocked out their hit singles “Everything You Want”, “You’re A God”, and “Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)”.  Always providing a unique blend of atmosphere, melodic, and catchy vocals Vertical Horizon shined bright.

Gin Blossoms- From Tempe Arizona Gin Blossoms were a band which defined 90’s alternative rock radio.  Their 19992 album New  Miserable Experience was  4 x platinum and featured 3 hit singles.  Songs like “Hey Jealousy”, “Until I Fall Away”, “Found Out About You”, “Until I Hear It From You”, and “Found Out About You” are familiar to all and were just some of the highlights of their set.  Vocalist Robin Wilson provided an energetic stage performance shaking his tambourine and reaching into the crowd to interactive with fans.  Midway through their set Robin announced it was somewhat of a hometown show for him as he now resides on Long Island which resulted in cheers from the crowd.  There is no doubt Gin Blossoms are a band from the 90’era that many hold dear to their heart with memories.

Sugar Ray- California based band Sugar Ray had some of the most popular radio hits of the 1990’s.  With songs like “Fly”, “Every Morning”, “Someday”, “Falls Apart”, and “When It’s Over” their set was loaded with memorable fun rock pop.  Mark McGrath provided to be a humble man with all the success he has endured.  The crowd was dancing, singing and most of all having a great time.

Smash Mouth- Closing out the evening was San Jose California rockers Smash Mouth.  Who could forget catchy radio hits “Walking  On The Sun”, “Can’t Get Enough Of You, Baby”, “All Star”, “Then the Morning Comes”, and Neil Diamond/ The Monkees cover “I’m A Believer”.  The crowd erupted after each song and energy as high.  With a great stage presents bassist Paul De Lisle slide across stage as keyboardist Michael Klooster rocked out melodies. 

Under The Sun 2013 was an excellent evening of some of what the best 1990’s radio rock had to offer.  With each band set running seamlessly with 15 minute set changes there was no down time and things were efficient.  90’s rock fans can only hope this is the beginning of an annual tour with different classic 90’s bands each year.

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