Unearth – Extinction(s) (Album Review)

Unearth – Extinction(s) (Album Review)

Representing East Coast Metalcore, Unearth has been in the business of melting faces via a movement of daunting Metal since 1998. Just in time for Thanksgiving, Unearth is set to drop their new album, Extinction(s), fittingly on Black Friday, November 23, 2018 via Century Media.

Whether blaring through speakers or tearing it up on stage, Unearth has wasted not one moment of the last two decades making music on their own terms. Ushering in the band’s twentieth anniversary, Unearth founding members Trevor Phipps (vocals), Buz McGrath (lead guitar), and Ken Susi (rhythm guitar) entered the studio in early 2018 alongside longtime bandmates Chris O’Toole (bass), and Nick Pierce (drums). Then, Unearth helped end an era, as the band carved their name into the final run of the Van’s Warped during the summer of 2018 – reminding fans of Unearth’s unstoppable stage presence.

Reaching a milestone in the band’s history, Unearth set out to record their seventh overall studio album to be released by the end of the year. As the follow-up to 2014’s Watchers of Rule, Unearth’s Extinction(s) gives an early Christmas present of ten new obliterating cuts dug up from the bowels of Hardcore Metal hell. Inspired by the wretched aspects of today’s society, Extinction(s) tackles all of the noise which saturates our news on a daily basis without being political. Musically, Extinction(s) might just be Unearth’s most well-executed album to date. So, let’s set the volume to eleven and discuss what this Metalcore strike force from Boston, MA has in store for fans on Extinction(s). 

As the first single off Extinction(s), “Incinerate” climbed to No. 1 on SiriusXM Liquid Metal’s “The Devil’s Dozen” and deservingly became one of the most played songs on Amazon Music. Some fine accolades to start, this track is just what the doctor ordered to open Extinction(s) via a burning sensation of forceful, melodic sounds (We won’t be bound to your prison). All it takes is this bold opening to show the simple fact that Unearth mean business and are not to be taken lightly.

That said, Unearth forge ahead into the drowning, suffocating destiny of “Dust,” yet find strength in “Survivalist.” On the dark side, “Cultivation of Infection” describes the conception of a diseased and incurable world. Then, “The Hunt Begins” comes in with powerful highs and lows before the steamrolling “Hard Lined Downfall” and the reigning “King of the Arctic.”

A dizzying tale, Unearth divulge “Sidewinder,” showcasing Phipp’s most blood-curdling screams and a jackhammer of a chorus. Growing heavier, the guys refuse to slow down as “No Reprisal” brings retaliation efforts to a screeching halt (A single life to live). A bulldozing closer, “One With The Sun” incites a riot of dominant riffage, stomping drums, and defiant screams wrapped in an epic symphony of Metal.

All this in mind, a four year break did not temper Unearth in any way and the timing truly couldn’t have been better for Unearth to create new material. In fact, the explosion of changes in today’s society have only added fuel to the fire that lives within Unearth. At first listen, fans will be blown away by Extinction(s), uncovering what will be known as Unearth’s most quintessential album. On that note, Extinction(s) might just be the most fiery display of death-defying Metalcore mastery to see the light of day in years. A must have for Unearth fans, Cryptic Rock gives Extinction(s) 5 out of 5 stars.

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