Unearth Surfaces at Revolution Music Hall Amityville, NY 7-27-15

Unearth Surfaces at Revolution Music Hall Amityville, NY 7-27-15

Back in 2014, New England Metal band Unearth celebrated the tenth anniversary of the epic sophomore album produced by Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, The Oncoming Storm. Touring around the USA in honor of the record, in October of this year a special edition was released marking the important highlight in the band’s history. Now returning from a massive world tour in support of their 2014 album, Watchers of Rule, Unearth made an unexpected visit to Revolution Music Hall in Amityville, NY on Monday July 27th. While Monday is not a typical night for a Metal show, this particular Monday night saw Unearth arrive in New York to prove that a great Metal show can happen on any day of the week. Having completed a tour of Japan and Europe that started on May 4th in Nagoya, Japan and blew through France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and many other cities,the tour finished up in Germany. Arriving to Amityville village earlier this day, they were greeted by a sizable crowd that anxiously awaited their return stateside.

Showing local talents, Carve Your Niche began the night with Metal from their new EP called Relate. Vocalist Anthony Copozzi, Guitarist Bryan Brady, Bassist Chris Sweeney, and Drummer John Fitzsimons got the crowed fired up for the night ahead with “Runt,” “Bad Ideas,” and “Rats.” Wit a strong set, Carve Your Niche opened the show with authority. Adiron took the stage next sporting three vocalists, two guitars, bass, and drums. The band performed a tight set of songs from their new release Frequency and Pressure and offered shots of Jameson to an enthusiastic crowd. Erik, Rickard, and Shawn kicked the vocals around like a demonic hacky sack, each bringing a different quality to the music. George and Lou provided heavy guitars while Bassist Brian E. and Drummer Brian P. held down the slab. Iscariot raised the bar bringing Melodic Death Metal into the equation. Vocalist Josh Pasciucco, Guitarists Chris Mistretta and Justin Goldat, along with Drummer Brendan Bratkowsky and Bassist Dan Thabet churned out heavy breakdowns and fast riffs from their latest release entitled Reign Undivine. The final local band was veterans Westnyle. Among the original Metal from their latest Deathbed, the band delivered covers of  “No Good” by Pantera and “Powerslave” by Iron Maiden. The local bands brought the Metal and delivered hard.

Already a hot, steamy night, the large crowd buzzed with anticipation as many spoke about the last time Unearth came to this venue back in October of 2013 with Suffocation. Beginning their story back in 1998 up in Winthrop, Massachusetts, Unearth has released six studio albums through the years. Partaking in heavy touring, the band has built a reputation as one to see live, with a fierce and intense performance. Currently comprised of Vocalist Trevor Phipps (lead vocals), Guitarist Buz McGrath, Ken Susi (guitarist/clean vocalist), and since 2012, Drummer Nick Pierce, Unearth continues to be a force. While the crowd was anxiously waiting their set, they were treated to some great local acts, and the road was paved for these Metalcore veterans’ official return to The States.

Appearing on stage to a huge roar from the crowd, the band wasted no time tearing into “Giles” from their third record, III:In the Eyes of Fire (2006). Phipps urged the crowd forward as the band went into “My Will Be Done” from 2008’s The March, immediately inspiring a pit to form. Before the crowd knew what was happening, the band slammed into newer song “The Swarm,” keeping the sweat flowing. Going back to 2004, “This Lying World” began with some eerie dissonant guitar work by McGrath and Susi before it evolved into a straight-up head crusher. The track had fists shooting up in approval and heads snapping forward and back ferociously.

Moving right along,”Watch It Burn” initially offered some great guitar harmonies between McGrath and Susi, then gave way to brutal breakdowns, machine gun bass drums and blasts delivered by Pierce, whipping the fans up as they thrashed about the floor. Getting back to their latest creations, the band played “Never Cease” before “Last Wish,” and “To The Ground.” Also from The Oncoming Storm, “Zombie Autopilot” brought more tight guitar harmonies before “Burial Lines” and “Guards of Contagion” represented the band’s latest efforts and showed the band’s heavy brutal direction. Having everyone’s head spinning, “Endless” and “The Great Dividers” ended the set with high brutality as the light flashed furiously, matching the intensity of all the songs before.

The unlikely Monday night of Metal drew an exceptional crowd and delivered a great time as clearly evident by all those soaked in sweat leaving the venue looking spent and thoroughly satisfied. The song selection was top-notch and the energy level was through the roof. Overall, Unearth put on a great show, showed no signs of fatigue or jet-lag from their recent travels, and with that, the USA says welcome home!


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