Unwritten (Movie Review)

Unwritten (Movie Review)

The best authors often lead tortured lives, having inspiration birthed from a troubled past or unstable present. Just one element often witnessed within the basic composition of any valuable writer, to properly be able to tell a great story from start to finish is far from an easy task for anyone. This in mind, when the struggle to finish a story becomes the source of one man’s deepest sorrow and suffering, he will be forced to go back to the beginning so that he may finally bring an end to a tale which has, up until now, gone hesitantly unwritten. This in mind, comes the debut feature film Unwritten from Dale Neven set to be released on DVD, On Demand, and on all other digital platforms as of Tuesday, May 21st via Random Media. 

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A Psychological Sci-Fi Thriller, it stars Gabriel Burrafato (You’re the Worst series, Criminal Minds series) as agoraphobic author, Albert Flinch; Brittany Hoza (Annabelle Comes Home 2019) as his concerned and estranged daughter, Livvie; Mark Justice (The Immortal Wars 2018, Simran 2017) as villainous book seeker, Sherwood; Ben Stobber (Bus Party to Hell 2017, The Immortal Wars 2018) as well-intentioned shrink, Dr. Tanner; Lorenzo Lamas (Grease 1978, Falcon Crest TV series 1981-1990) as the intimidating General Lane; and Abraham Rodriguez (Power Rangers Beast Morphers TV series 2019) as a young Albert.

The premise of Unwritten is initially very intriguing, focusing on failed writer and agoraphobe, Albert Flinch, who nervously resides inside of a heavily boarded up, old, used book store located directly in the middle of absolutely nowhere. Upon an unsuspecting visit from his estranged daughter, Livvie, Albert’s paranoia and unhinged mind worries her to the point of seeking professional help for him. Unfortunately she just so happens to show up on the exact same day as the unmistakably accurate antagonist of one of Flinch’s most unforgettable unfinished works.

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This in mind, Unwritten conceptually excels, but is disappointingly executed. The plot is promising in spite of its porous nature, but its portrayal is even more so underwhelming. The characters are slightly irritating at times, and really leave little for viewers to even want to become invested in. That may be due, in part, to the performances, which were exceedingly over-the-top and come off as more satirical than serious.

However, the score is one of the movie’s most redeemable qualities, and actually outshone the cinematography when it comes to telling the interesting story. The musical compositions reveal more character than the film itself, which is upsetting considering how relatable and affecting the prominent themes are of letting go of the past, finding closure, overcoming one’s fears, the lengths people are willing to go to protect what they love, and never giving up.

Unwritten still.

There were careless mistakes that exhibited a disregard for detail, and frankly it adds to diminished overall quality and likability of Unwritten. The fountain of cheese which flowed over the entire movie make it incredibly difficult for viewers to resist the urge to detach. The low-quality CGI, substandard cinematography, shoddy dialogue, plot holes, and predictability honestly limit any “psychological” or “thrilling” aspects of the movie. Which is why Cryptic Rock gives Unwritten 2 out of 5 stars.

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  • Max Gideon
    Posted at 21:12h, 22 January Reply

    I was actually supposed to play the character of Sherwood (Mark Justice) in the film originally. Dale cast me after 3 auditions (he wanted a fourth, a different script of each audition, same scene, but rewritten — finally told him no more, cast me or not — few weeks later I got the call). Then we rehearsed at his home half dozen times until I told him like auds, I was here to shoot the film, not help him with rewrites. Finally we began some rehearsals at the actual location in a bookstore, which went on again far too long and too many times, so I had to pressure him again and at last had an estimated shoot start date. From aud to shoot announcement had already been almost a year, then it kept getting delayed, and delayed, and delayed, until 6 months had past. I planned to move to LA in Feb of 2016 and even after telling him my m0ve dates, I was told start dates would fall overlapping my move. I agreed to shoot but would have to miss one of the days due to already paying for truck, movers, etc. and I sent him an email telling him. Afterwards I received no word from him as the shoot and my move came closer, then while texting a friend that told me he was hired to work crew on the film and I mentioned my part, my friend told me Mark was in the part. After speaking with Mark, a friend of mine, he confirmed and I discovered what Dale had done — he’d paid deposits for equipment on shoot dates without checking with anyone’s schedules and then, instead of letting me know to work something out or even telling me about dropping me after working with him (FOR FREE — not a dime paid) for more than a year and much wasted time that cost me having to take off days from booking work, he ghosted me, as if I wouldn’t have found out. I eventually called him after leaving a very serious couple of messages and he listened to me chastise him for almost an hour in silence and then apologize in stutters until I was done with him. There’s footage of me we shot of parts of scenes for promo still out online somewhere and from a photo shoot for the poster you still see me as the standing shadowed figure. Yep…that was a rant…lol. Few people other than production know about it and our friends, but I’ve not told too many about it. I believe I have some of the clips from our promo footage if ever you’d want to see, I can put it up on YouTube. May do that anyway lol. My name is Max Gideon (back then before joining SAG.AFTRA it was Michael O’Neal). My YouTube is under Max Gideon Actor, as well as most of my online profiles. Thx for listening!

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