Upon A Burning Body – Built From War (EP Review)

Upon A Burning Body – Built From War (EP Review)

They are all about pure American Metal, Upon A Burning Body are ready to drop their new EP, Built From War, on Friday July 31st, 2020 via Seek and Strike. In the form of Deathcore, Upon A Burning Body formed fifteen years ago back in 2005. Delivering a rabid form of Deathcore and Metalcore, the San Antonio, Texas based Upon A Burning Body would spend the next decade and a half releasing a slew of brutal material in the form of 2010’s The World Is Ours, 2012’s Red.White.Green., 2014’s The World Is My Enemy Now, 2016’s Straight from the Barrio, and 2019’s Southern Hostility. Looking for a change, Upon A Burning Body used maturity to drive and reinvent themselves when writing 2019’s Southern Hostility which took Upon A Burning Body to a new level of straight up Heavy Metal Action.

Fast forward to 2020, it has now been a year since the release of Southern Hostility and Upon A Burning Body – Danny Leal (Vocals), Thomas Alvarez (Bass), Ruben Alvarez (Guitar), and Tito Felix (Drums) – offer the five track Built From War EP to fans who are craving a little more Metal in their lives. Starting their engines, Upon A Burning Body kick off the Built From War EP with the jarring Metal composition “5×3.” Following a killer start, the wrecking machine of a title track, “Built From War,” comes at you with an old school Metalcore groove. Next up, “Chains of Agony” serves up a highly catchy chorus coinciding with a brutal and emotional melody. An anthem of sorts, “Living For The Weekend” is an emphatic ode to loud music and barbecues with a kicking chant of “Hell Yeah!” in the lyrics. Finally, the Built From War EP culminates via “Extermination.” This is a great way to close the EP as it showcases that Upon A Burning Body musically possess strength beyond strength.

Overall, Upon A Burning Body offer up a nice sidebar to 2019’s Southern Hostility thanks to the Built From War EP. Here, Upon A Burning Body feed their desire to produce straight up Heavy Metal with other musical elements that make their music unique yet recognizable. This new material makes Upon A Burning Body sound like they are literally built from and prepared for war. That being said, fans of Upon A Burning Body should likely dig this new material and that is why Cryptic Rock awards the Built From War EP 4 out of 5 stars.


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