Vans Warped Tour 2014 erupts at Jones Beach, NY 7-12-14

Vans Warped Tour 2014 erupts at Jones Beach, NY 7-12-14

Vans Warped Tour has been a developing summertime tradition for two decades.  Growing originally from a punk rock music showcase to the diverse festival it is today, Warped Tour of years past were filled with fond memories while building lifelong friendships with organizations, fans, and all bands involved.  In 2014, new and familiar faces of modern rock, punk, pop, alternative, and everything in between join up for one of the most diverse Warped Tours yet.  Beginning in June and concluding at the start of August, Warped Tour 2014 makes a total of forty five stops across America with well over one hundred bands.  On Saturday July 12th the tour rolled into Wantagh, New York to make its first appearance at Jones Beach, opposed to Nassau Coliseum in years past.  Fans of all ages and backgrounds lined up early in the morning to be the first ones in to see the gigantic inflatable schedule to find out where and when each band was playing.  With ten stages spread out over the massive parking lot of Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, there was a lot of ground to cover in an eight hour period.  Armed with sunscreen, their favorite band t-shirts, and smiles on their faces, the madness began.

Chelsea Grin 

Kicking things off bright and early at 11:30 AM at the Monster Energy Stage was Salt Lake City, UT deathcore band Chelsea Grin.  Returning to Warped Tour for the first time since 2012, the band was amped up and ready to go.  Thrashing through pulverizing guitars of Jake Hammonds, Dan Jones, and Jason Richardson, along with bass work of David Finn and hard hitting drums of Pablo Viveros, the band sounded extremely tight.  Alex Koehler’s blistering vocals was the icing on the cake that really gave this crowd a jolt early in the morning.  Their newest album Ashes to Ashes is out now.

The Word Alive 

On the Kia Soul Stage at 11:35 AM, Phoenix, AZ Fearless Records band The World Alive was starting chaos of their own.  Filled with a mix of aggressive rough vocals and soaring clean vocals of Tyler “Telle” Smith, The World alive blasted through their set of inspirational songs.  Relating to their audience lyrically, the emotion felt on stage by the entire band was electric and sincere.  Their new third album Real is out now.

I Ignite 

As the clock struck Noon, Long Island independent hard rock band I Ignite was filled with excitement and ready to go on the Ernie Ball Stage. Consisting of lead vocalist Eddie Raccioppi, guitarist Stefen Milana, guitarist Corey Grucci, bassist Joe Meyer, and drummer James Miller, the band brought with them a dedicated local following.  Storming through a series of their hard hitting rock-n-roll, the band lit up the stage and engaged more than a few who were passing by.  Their EP Rise and Define is out now.

Saves The Day 

Meanwhile at the WARHEADS Stage, at Noon as well, Princeton, NJ pop punk veterans Saves The Day were jamming.  Celebrating twenty years together as a band, they have released eight full-length albums including their most recent self-titled in 2013.  Into the performance and feeding off the audience, these guys gave Jones Beach everything they had and more.

Kiirstin Marilyn

At 12:30 PM at the Shiragirl stage, Ocean Township based vocalist Kiirstin Marilyn was turning some heads.  Spending most of her life as an entertainer, her musical career has been filled with atmospheric blends of rock and pop.  Singing her heart out, Marilyn’s stage presence was undeniable.   Her single “The Struggle” is available on iTunes now.

Motionless In White

Back at the Kia Soul Stage, one of metal’s hottest bands was ready to go with Scranton, PA’s Motionless In White.  After spending last summer on Rockstar Energy Drink’s Mayhem Festival, the guys are back on Warped Tour.  With thousands of rabid fans gathering on the pavement ready to bear witness to the performance, Chris Motionless and company totally tore apart the stage.  This band’s theatrical pizzazz, along with their invention to explore different sounds, is setting them up for a massive future.  Their new album Reincarnate is out in September.


On the Monster Energy Stage at 1 PM, Atlanta, GA powerhouse Attila was stimulating insanity all over.  With hip hop attitude and earth shattering screams, Chris “Fronz” Fronzak was clarified with his delivery and in the face of the audience, making bodies move on the pavement.  Building an army of fans with each passing tour it seems nothing can stop Attila.

 The Ready Set

On the WARHEADS Stage, also at 1 PM, was Fort Wayne, IN alternative pop act The Ready Set.  Led by Jordan Witzigreuter, the project has garnished much attention over five years with upbeat catchy tunes.  Drawing a huge crowd, Witzigreuter and his band moved about the stage in energetic fashion and pumped out good vibes.  The newest album The Bad & The Better is out now.

Unlocking The Truth

Over at the Hard Rock Kevin Says Stage at 1:25 PM, the young boys of Brooklyn, NY’s Unlocking The Truth were gearing up to catch Warped Tour attendees attention.   Made up of Malcolm Brickhouse (guitar), Jarad Dawkins (drums) and Alec Atkins (bass), these kids have the musical skills ahead of their time.  Jamming through some great instrumental metal, everyone was astounded by their music.  Check these kids out, they are spectacular and awe-inspiring.


Back on the Ernie Ball Stage at 1:30 PM, New York City based hard rock band Charetta were ready to go.  Lead by vocalist Angelina DelCarmen, the band has found themselves on bills with some of rock’s heavy weights including Lacuna Coil and Sick Puppies this past winter.  Blazing through a high octane vocal performance, DelCarmen and the band showed this audience exactly what Charetta is all about.


Off to The Journeys Stage at 1:30 PM as well, a huge group of people gathered for Los Angeles, CA eclectic rock band Volumes.  Mixing jazz, hip hop, rock, metal, hardcore, and anything else one can think of; this band is one to watch out for.  With the balanced vocals of Michael Barr and Gus Farias, the audience was hanging on every lyric offered up.  Their newest album No Sleep is out now.

The Ghost Inside 

Keeping the 1:30 PM time slot busy over on the Kia Soul Stage, Los Angeles, CA band The Ghost Inside came out like a house on fire.  On the scene for some time now, in recent years the band’s melodic blend hardcore and metal has made them a household name in the scene.  Their dynamic sound had the audience’s attention from start to finish.  Check out their 2012 album Get What You Give, it will not disappoint.

Mayday Parade

At 2 PM over on the Electric Soul Stage, Tallahassee, FL alternative pop rockers Mayday Parade were just getting started.  Making a big name for themselves prior to signing with a record album, things have only become better for this five-piece band.  With emotionally driven singing of Derek Sanders, complemented by Jake Bundrick and Jeremy Lenzo, each song sounded warm and full.  Their fourth studio album Monsters in the Closet was released in October 2013 and further exemplifies their growth.

Nick Santino

Moving onto the cozy Acoustic Basement Stage, Nick Santino of A Rocket To The Moon was capturing attention.  Stripped down to him and an acoustic guitar, Santino enchanted a distinct mood with tracks from his latest album Big Skies.  Inspiring memories of summer, relaxation, and fun filled days, Santino’s music was a perfect time to wind down and take in some great songwriting.


Around the way at the Shiragirl Stage, also at 2:20 PM, was Long Island hard rock band Blameshift.  Consisting of vocalist Jenny Mann, guitarist Tim Barbour, drummer Dan Scofield, and bassist Mike Sarkissian; the band has gone from the local scene to the national touring circuit in no time.  Releasing their debut full-length album Secrets last year, this band is ready for the big time in a big way.  With Mann reaching deep inside to belt out each note and Barbour engaging with the energy of a punk rocker, Blameshift put on one hell of a performance in front of their hometown.

Born Of Osiris 

Shortly after at 2:30 PM over at the Monster Energy Stage was Chicago, IL based band Born of Osiris.  Joining progressive song structures with metalcore and atmospheric tones, this band is becoming one of the elite forces in their respective genre.  Spending 2013 on Monster’s Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, they now take their thought provoking music to Warped Tour.  Dazzling with complex guitar and keyboard work matched by Ronnie Canizaro’s throat grabbing vocals, this audience was taken deep into their musical spell.  Their third album Tomorrow We Die Alive was released last summer and is considered to many as one of the best metal records of 2013.

Cute Is What We Aim For

With Warped Tour 2014 almost half way complete at 3 PM, Buffalo, NY pop punk outfit Cute is What We Aim For took over the WARHEADS Stage. Formed in 2005, a few years hiatus found vocalist Shaant Hacikyan and guitarist Jeff Czum back together performing live again.  Much to the excitement of their fans, this appearance on Warped Tour is perhaps one of the biggest moments since their comeback.  Moving through a list of their energizing tunes, the band had fans cheering loudly.  Followers are itching for a new album, and with the single “A Closed Mind With An Open Mouth” released 2013, hopes are high.

A Skylit Drive

At 3:25 PM back at the Ernie Ball Stage, Lodi, CA band A Skylit Drive was taking the stage.  Together now since 2005, their metallic post-hardcore sound has grown with each passing album.  Michael “Jag” Jagmin grabbed hold of his microphone, letting loose a fantastic singing performance that combined sensitivity and aggression.  Their timely instrumentation kept everyone bouncing around until the last note.  As their fourth studio album Rise approaches its one year anniversary, fans continue to agree it could be one of their best to date.


At 3:30 PM over on The Journeys Stage, Queens, NY rock heroes Bayside was pumped up and out of the gates.  As one of the more experienced bands on Warped Tour, their fourteen years together has not dampened the excitement in their music.  With the release of studio album number six titled Cult back in February, Bayside show why they still have plenty left to offer.  Amping up the audience with their extensive discography, everyone in the audience was singing along with their hands in the air.  Building a relationship with Long Island over the years, Bayside felt right at home and it showed in their performance.

Parkway Drive 

Keeping 3:30 PM packed with excitement, at the Kia Soul Stage, Australians Parkway Drive were igniting chaos.  Established for over a decade now, this band has become more popular with each passing year.  Their hard work and heartfelt approach has connected with audiences worldwide, and this appearance on Van’s Warped Tour comes with much buzz.  Storming onto the stage, vocalist Winston McCall left it all on stage with bellows that made spectators shiver.  Leaning into the crowd, caught in the moment, McCall had complete control of every eye fixed upon him and the rest of the band.  Keep on the lookout for new material from Parkway Drive in the coming months.

The Summer Set 

With Warped Tour halfway through at 4 PM, Scottsdale, AZ rock band The Summer Set kept the energy flowing at the Kia Soul Stage.  Mixing ear tingling pop melodies, unforgettable harmonies, and sing along choruses, the band had everyone’s hands in the air.  Enticing the audience to sing along, The Summer Set was the right interjection of up-tempo music a long day in the sun needed to go on.  Check out their 2013 album Legendary and get lost in the fun.

Hunter Valentine

At 4:10 PM back at the Shiragirl Stage, Ontario, CA band Hunter Valentine was drawing a crowd.  Represented by four strong female musicians, the band played through a series of raw rock-n-roll tunes.  Showing there is still a place for straight up rock-n-roll, this band was exciting and had many curious to hear more upon the completion of their time of stage.

Breathe Carolina

Rolling along at 4:30 PM over at the Kia Soul Stage, Denver, CO band Breathe Carolina had everyone gathered close waiting for the show to begin.  With the loss of vocalist Kylie Even last year, the band has come back strong with their most complete album to date in Savages.  Returning to Warped Tour for the first time since 2012, the band was greeted with cheers so loud they could be heard on the other side of the grounds.  Appearing determined and rejuvenated, the band put on a performance that showed their best music is still ahead of them.


Also at 4:30 PM, San Diego, CA fast rising act Secrets were taking The Journeys Stage.  In a short period of time since their formation, Secrets has become one of the most talked about in the metalcore genre.  Their duel vocal combat of Aaron Melzer and Richard Rogers had clean and harsh emotions poured out at every turn.  Stimulating one of the biggest circle pits of the day, Secrets dominated the audience.  Fragile Figures is out now and not to be missed.


At 4:45 PM, Boston, MA hardcore band Vanna took the Monster Energy Stage.  As one of the most respected bands on the scene currently, Vanna take no prisoners when performing.  Thrashing through each tune at rapid speed, while the vocal assault battered the audience, the band had fans moshing and crowd surfing as well.  Vanna’s fifth album VOID is available now.

Get Scared

Performing during the 4:45 PM time also was Layton, UT band Get Scared over on the Hard Rock Kevin Says Stage.  Mixing heavy guitar melodies and emotionally driven singing, the band has a sound that would appeal to a broad range of heavy music fans.  Nicholas Matthews’ affectionate singing was not only right on key but also a visual display people could not help but be drawn to.  Reacting with cheers and gracious applauds; Get Scared definitely pleased those which took the time to watch them play.  Their new album Everyone’s Out to Get Me was released in November 2013 and should not be overlooked.

Every Time I Die

Moving into the early evening at 5:30 PM, Warped Tour mainstays Every Time I Die took over the Monster Energy Stage.  Hailing from Buffalo, NY, the band has had a great career that has seen them defy all genres and blaze their own path.  Led by vocalist Keith Buckley, the band came out loud and proud.  With adrenaline flowing from the stage onto the pavement, the exciting set of songs did not let anyone catch a break to breathe until the end.  Do not pass up their seventh album From Parts Unknown out now.


Traveling onto The Journeys Stage at 5:30 PM was alternative pop rock band Echosmith.  Coming from Los Angeles, CA, the band has been together since 2009 and seldom performs along the east coast.  Aware of the rare appearance in New York, a massive crowd came together to see the band play.  The band consists of four siblings; drummer Graham, vocalist, Sydney, bassist Noah, and guitarist Jamie Sierota.  Taking strong influence from classic new wave and alternative rock of the 1980’s, Echosmith morph their own sound which is refreshing, angelic, and powerful.  Enthusiastic and energized, the band put on a performance that won over more than a handful more fans.  Their acoustic EP Acoustic Dreams is out now, and there is no question Echosmith is a band to watch out for.

Sleeper Agent 

Keeping 5:30 PM stockpiled with music over at the Beatport Stage, Bowling Green, KY alternative rock band Sleeper Agent were ready to take off.  Joining up on the Warped Tour the day prior, the band is one of the most promising of alternative rock with a sound full of color.  Led by the charismatic vocalist Alex Kandel, the band had everyone dancing and grooving to their feel good tunes.  Mixing clean guitar tones, catchy keyboards, and irresistible beats, Sleeper Agent was remarkable.  Their most complete album to date About Last Night is out now.

The Story So Far

At 6 PM over at the Electric Soul Stage Walnut Creek, CA band The Story So Far was wound up and ready to explode.  Letting loose a lively set of pop punk, the band had everyone on the ground moving and having a blast.  Through the set that seemed to flash by in moments, The Story So Far showed why their 2013 album What You Don’t See was considered one of the best of the year.

The Maine 

Taking to the WARHEADS Stage at 6 PM was Tempe, AZ band The Maine.  Created by bassist Garrett Nickelsen and drummer Patrick Kirch in November 2006, the band consists of John O’Callaghan (vocals, guitar, piano), Kirch (drums, percussion), Nickelsen (bass), Kennedy Brock (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), and Jared Monaco (lead guitar).  Through the years the band’s sound has grown into an alternative rock monster.  With the release of their fourth full-length album Forever Halloween (2013), The Maine decided to break free of modern computer editing techniques and work strictly with analog recording equipment.  This makes the band’s music something real and sincere which was reproduced in amazing fashion in front of loads of fans at Warped Tour.  With O’Callaghan speaking to everyone, conveying a message of live for today and enjoy life, the set was filled with spirit and feeling all the way through.

Enter Shikari 

Over at the Kia Soul Stage at 6:30 PM British four-piece rock and metal band Enter Shikari was revved for the evening performance.  Together now over a decade, the band’s mix of styles includes metal and electronic giving them an unmistakable unique quality.   Pushing forth fury and precision, the band dazzled a large crowd.  While some may have been familiar with the band from their tour with Falling In Reverse of North America in 2012, this set was an absolute treat to those which missed that appearance.  There is a reason Enter Shikari have been nominated and won so many awards over the years, now is the time the USA learn what the rest of the world already know.


Given a 6:30 PM start time as well, at The Journeys Stage, was Atlanta, GA metalcore act Issues. Formed in the summer of 2012 by former Woe Is Me vocalist Tyler Carter, Issues was signed to Rise Records shortly after their formation where they released one EP Black Diamonds (2012). Since 2012 the lineup has developed into Carter, Michael Bohn, AJ Rebollo, Tyler Acord, Skyler Acord, and Josh Manuel. The band themselves has commented “that they wanted to mix metal and “Top 40″ music in the same way that post-hardcore and nu metal mixed heavy metal music with hip hop music”.  That hybrid was never felt more prevalent than the moment they spent on stage at Jones Beach.  Masterfully moving around and keeping the audience’s attention, Issues showed why so many are raving about them.  While difficult to figure out what direction they are going to go next, that type of unexpected quality made the live performance fresh and interesting.  Check out their self-titled debut out now and judge for yourself how intriguing this band is.

Captain Capa

At 6:50 PM, German electronic band Captain Capa were grabbing attention of those passing by one by one until a sizable audience formed in front of the Beatport Stage.  Consisting of Hannes “Ashi” Naumann and Maik Biermann, the band was first signed to Cobretti Records but has now been signed to Audiolith Records since 2010. This was Captain Capa’s second warp tour since their 2012 presence on selected dates from July to August. With a discography consisting of three EPs and three albums, they released their third album Foxes in 2013. Stating that they love America, Captain Capa provided an exciting performance.

Four Year Strong

With the Warped tour winding down, the excitement kept coming at 7 PM when Worcester, MA band Four Year Strong took the Electric Soul Stage.  Together now since 2001, Alan Day (Vocals/Guitar), Dan O’Conner (Vocals/Guitar), Joe Weiss (Bass), and Jake Massucco (Drums) make up the band, which many were waiting to see at this latter part of the day.  Blazing through a roller coaster of brutal breakdowns and intense choruses, the band had the blood flowing of all those watching.  Their motivational set justifies their worth to the scene in their own special way.

I, The Breather

At 7:30 PM I, The Breather closed out the Ernie Ball Stage.  Coming from Baltimore, MD, the five piece metal band has been together since 2009. Consisting of  Shawn Spann (vocals), Chase Kozlowski (guitar), Kyle Bowman (guitar), Conor Hesse (bass), and Aaron Ovecka (drums, ex-This or The Apocalypse), the band’s technical songs are filled with melodic muses and soaring vocals that are difficult to ignore.  Projecting a sound larger than the stage that held them, they received a warm reception from all.  Do not miss their newest album Life Reaper due out later this year.

For Today

On the other side of the grounds at the Kia Soul Stage, closing out that platform at 7:30 PM was Sioux City, IA Christian metalcore band For Today. Forcing forward like a freight train since 2005, their strong Christian message is felt vividly through each and every song they record. Pouring their heart out to the large showing of those sticking around for their performance, For Today was on fire.  With crowd surfers making their way up front and others screaming along, it was a release that was impressive to watch.  Their new album Fight the Silence is out as of February.

Crown The Empire

With the sun setting, the end was coming near at the Monster Energy Stage at 7:45 PM when Dallas, TX band Crown The Empire took to the stage.  Together now the better part of four years, the band has formed a textured modern metal sound with the unforgettable clean vocals of Andy Leo and epic growls.  With anthems everyone can rejoice in, Crown The Empire put on one of the most mesmerizing displays of the day.  With fans screaming along the thought-provoking lyrics, the set was non-stop excitement.  Crown The Empire is ready to take the next step in their evolution with their sophomore album The Resistance: Rise of The Runaways out now.

Bad Rabbits

Adding some funky vibes to the Warped Tour, one of the last sets of the day was at the WARHEADS Stage at 8 PM when Bad Rabbits began.  Formed in Boston, MA back in 2007, the band was originally known as The Eclectic Collective.  Taking the best jives of funk, R&B, and soul and giving it a rock-n-roll twist, Bad Rabbits are like a present day Earth, Wind, & Fire.  Drawing a gigantic audience almost like street performers in NYC, the band set out positive feelings as everyone grooved to their sounds.  Hyping up the audience, vocalist Fredua Boakye hopped into the crowd, running straight down the center with the wall of people parted like a sea.   Their debut album American Love was released in 2013 and now they release an acoustic EP titled Dusted in 2014. Check out this unbelievably entertaining band as they rise to popularity into the mainstream.

Falling In Reverse 

On the Electric Soul Stage, as a closing performance as well at 8 PM, Las Vegas, NV superstars Falling In Reverse were up.  Coming a long way over the years since his time in Escape The Fate, vocalist Ronnie Radke has built a massive career with Falling in Reverse.  With a fan base that sells out venue after venue, the band is one of the biggest and most beloved out there today.  Coming out dressed in his usual eye-catching attire, Radke pumped up the audience with his fist in the air and conversation in between songs.  Difficult to define their sound, the band unify a wide range of influences and bring it all together on stage.  Keeping excitement levels high, they pumped out hit after hit to the crowd’s delight.  Their sophomore album Fashionably Late released a year ago in June proves Falling In Reverse is here to stay.

Remaining Vans Warped Tour Dates:
July 22 | Columbia, MD (Washington, D.C.) | Merriweather Post Pavilion
July 23 | Virginia Beach, VA | Farm Bureau Live
July 24 | Atlanta, GA | Aaron’s Amphitheater at Lakewood
July 25 | St. Petersburg, FL | Vinoy Park
July 26 | West Palm Beach, FL | Cruzan Amphitheater
July 27 | Orlando, FL | Central Florida Fairgrounds
July 28 | Charlotte, NC | PNC Music Pavilion Charlotte
July 29 | Nashville, TN | Tennessee State Fairgrounds
July 30 | Milwaukee, WI | Marcus Amphitheater
July 31 | Kansas City, KS | Sandstone Amphitheater
Aug. 2 | Salt Lake City, UT | Utah State Fairpark
Aug. 3 | Denver, CO | Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium

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  • Kiirstin Marilyn
    Posted at 21:46h, 22 July

    This is awesome!!! Thank you so much for including me and my band is this line up of amazing acts!!! Very honored!

  • PiercingMetal Ken
    Posted at 18:47h, 24 July

    Whew, I was feeling exhausted just reading through all that but I really did wish I was able to go. Now I know for the next time, great piece and some truly exciting things brewing for Metal and Alternative Hard Rock. Nicely done and belated Happy Birthday to you 🙂

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