Vans Warped Tour Rocks Nassau Coliseum Uniondale, NY 7-13-13

Vans Warped tour 2013 is the festival’s 19th year in existence. Some of today’s top and upcoming bands have played the festival over the years. Known for it’s diverse mix of bands including pop punk, metalcore, rock, and everything in between. On a hot and humid day at Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale NY 100 plus bands got together to rock Long Island. With such as 13 stages and many bands overlapping each others sets it was merely impossible to see  and cover each band. Cryptic Rock decided to pick a group of bands to cover and here is a visual and literal recount of the chaotic day of music.

New Years Day- A band which has reshaped their sound from pop punk to a darker alternative rock sound since their inception in 2005. With their new album Victim To Villain recently released the band hit the stage at 11:15 AM ready to rock out their newest tunes. With a high energy set and striking visual image the band won over the early arrivals to the festival and gained some new fans.

The Chariot- Having been around almost a decade now, The Chariot has made a name for themselves within the metalcore scene.  Known for their chaotic screaming vocals, the band hit the stage at 12:55 PM to rock a large group of fans.

Architects (UK)-  Hailing from the UK this 4 piece progressive metalcore band hit the  stage at 1:45 PM to a large crowd of eager fans.  Combining aggression with melody and atmosphere the band grabbed the attention of all in attendance and even those passing by.

August Burns Red- Having been around a decade, metalcore band August Burns Red has torched the scene with their intense sound.  This is the band’s second go around on The Warped Tour (first being 2008).  Drawing one of the largest crowd up until 1:55 PM the crowd was fully enthralled into the music.

Black Veil Brides- Possibly the most popular band on the entire tour Black Veil Brides garnish a lot of attention.  With a massive fan base and heavy publicist the band is everywhere.  At 3:40 PM the largest crowd yet gathered for their performance.  Anxious screaming fans awaited the guys to rock the pavement.  When Andy Biersack and his crew of brides hit the stage the crowd erupted.

Story Of The Year- Rocking crowds since 1995 the band was ready to show the crowd what they’ve been missing since they went on break in 2011. Taking the stage at 4:15 PM with high energy, back flips and crowd pleasing tunes. The tour marks the band’s 10th anniversary of their debut album Page Avenue.

The Used-  Always an interesting group of guys The Used hit the stage at 4:50 PM.  Lead singer Bert Mccracken and crew put on a colorful stage performance literally and metaphorically speaking.  Engaging the crowd with his words the performance rocked hard.

Bring Me The Horizon- Another elite UK band, Bring Me The Horizon hit the stage at 6 PM.  An already warmed up crowd was ready to explode and that is exactly what they did.  Bring Me The Horizon brought some of the most high intensity of any band on the festival at the time in day.  Crowd surfers were plentiful reaching out to the band as they approached the stage.  Oliver Sykes and his band mates showed high appreciation for the fans enthusiasm.

While She Sleeps- All the way from Sheffield England, While She Sleeps is an interesting band.  Combining metalcore with melodic death metal influence the band hit the stage at 6:45 PM.  With a rather small turn out at the start as their music filled the air the crowd began to grow by the time they were into their 4th song.  High energy and emotional performance won over the crowd and guaranteed to earn the guys some new fans.

Warped Tour 2013 stop at Nassau Coliseum was a spectacular day of music.  Despite the excessive heat and sun burn the crowd endured, they was ecstatic to be there, hear their favorite band, and possible hear their new favorite band for the first time.


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