The White Swan – The White (EP Review)

the white slide ep - The White Swan - The White (EP Review)

The White Swan – The White (EP Review)

the white swan promo - The White Swan - The White (EP Review)A vision formed, and ready to unveil to listeners all over the world, Kittie founder Mercedes Lander brings music listeners The White Swan. A concept Lander was pondering, late last year, The White Swan – Lander (drums, vocals, keyboards, guitar), Shane Jeffers (guitar), and Kira Longeuay (bass) – released the three song EP Anubis. Their debut, it was said to be a classical Grunge mixed with ’70s style Black Sabbath, and upon listening, it is safe to say your speakers will be booming doom.

Moving forward, the band are looking to release music as they wish, and on June 9, 2017 are set to offer their latest EP, The White, to fans everywhere. A continuation of Anubis, the Canadian trio are excited about their upcoming release, but aside from recording the new music, they started a tour with a few shows in Canada, which began back in May, and set to continue through September. Recorded and released independently, The White is said to be different, in fact, the very album cover reflects the band’s unique flavor – futuristic, retro, and underground. That in mind, proceed with caution, after getting lost in The White Swan’s music, listeners may feel they traveled back in time to 1971. 

Imminent danger, opening with “North Carolina,” the six minute long Death melody offers psychedelic guitar riffs, accompanied by a steady beat, making the doomy track a headbanger’s dream. Drawing you in, “Lions” is shorter, but no less potent as Lander shows off her voice accompanying the melody harmoniously. Mid song, a guitar riff and solo, followed by Lander, finishes it off and gives listeners a clear idea that she can certainly hold her own as a front lady.

Ending the EP, “The White” is the longest song, clocking in at seven minutes of Classical Rock styled sounds. With an intro that has quite the hook, a slow beat gives the track an upheaval. Steady and consistent, Lander’s drumming soon gives it quite the kick as her lyrics ring in thunderously. This said, Lander’s voice and the melody harmonize naturally, and she sounds unrelenting, and in a way which is timeless. The ’90s Death Grunge style is portrayed vividly in this final song and The White Swan go above and beyond; they killed it.

Showing listeners into a world of their own, enigmatic indeed, The White is short, but sweet. With time, practice makes perfect, and The White Swan are the perfect example. Landers said in a recent interview, Anubis was recorded before she actually performed live with the new band. Working at it all, she and the band are getting a better feel of who they are. In addition, Lander is feeling more comfortable now with her voice, and that confidence shows on this new EP.

A continuation to Anubis, The White is definitely not what you would expect, but The White Swan give it a new twist making it their own. The length of the songs will creep and haunt you like death coming down the halls. Paired with the enchanting voice and striking vocals of Lander, she has come quite the way. With each member playing multiple instruments, they are a multi-faceted bunch and seem to get along very well. All this in mind, while Anubis was a bit of a shot in the dark, it sparked and something seems to have ignited. Now, with The White, The White Swans may be on fire. CrypticRock gives this EP 4 out of 5 stars. 

the white ep cover - The White Swan - The White (EP Review)

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