Whitney Fenimore – Battle Within (EP Review)

The roads we travel in life are rarely ever straight, smooth, or narrow. Instead, most travel windy, sometimes bumpy byways that often feel as if there is no ending destination. Out on life’s highway, just like the rest of us, Singer-Songwriter Whitney Fenimore hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma, lived in Los Angeles, California for 3 years as a published songwriter with Sleeping Giant Music Group, appeared on the season 13 of NBC’s hit TV show The Voice, and currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona.

Well-travelled at 28 years of age, in the words of U2, has Fenimore finally found what she is looking for? Or, maybe the real question should be – what is the next chapter in her life? Never an easy question to answer, Fenimore turns her attention to writing and recording her own music, hence the release of her latest EP, Battle Within

Released independently, Fenimore’s Battle Within hits airwaves on Friday, May 18, 2018, and right from the get-go showcases her as a mature, polished songwriter. Consisting of 5 tracks, there is a relaxed, natural sensibility in between it all. Pop, Rock, Alternative, Folk, and Country, it is all mixed in what Fenimore has to offer. Call it Alt-Country if you like, but truth is, it really needs no label.

Now, if you are looking for comparison to know exactly what you are getting in to with her music, tracks like “Find Your Love” shares similarities to bands like Eisley. Although, do not be so quick to box in Fenimore as a singer or songwriter, because other songs such as the Pop-sensible “Drift” is quite different, as is the Country leaning title-track, “Battle Within.”

Furthermore, lead single “Stones” has a different spark, filled with a colorful ambient tone that is catchy and dream-like. Then there is the bookend to it all, a duet between Fenimore and her friend Robin Hedlund. A sound that is clean, simple, and emotional, it as beautiful as the songs that came before, but in a different light. So, what does this all mean? It means that Fenimore shows more than one face with Battle Within, and for that reason, she dares to be different. The best part of it all is each different texture works perfectly together. So what may please some more than others – like the Shoegaze guitar work of “Find Your Love,” or the twangy “Battle Within” – unify together under the umbrella of purely quality music. 

As a songwriter, Fenimore has a ton of talent because her music comes from the heart, strikes all the right chords, and hits all the right notes, figuratively as well as emotionally. Is this her final road travelled? Probably not, but it is certainly a great start to something special as she showcases herself as a promising solo artist. That is why CrypticRock gives Battle Within 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

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