William Control – The Neuromancer (Album review)

William Control The Neuromancer 2014 - William Control - The Neuromancer (Album review)

William Control – The Neuromancer (Album review)

wc 1 - William Control - The Neuromancer (Album review)

William Francis, singer of Seattle, Washington’s, punk rock band Aiden, created the character the alter-musician ego of William Control in 2008 with the release of Hate Culture.  Combining darkwave, synthpop, and rock-n-roll Control has unleashed a series of engaging soundscape albums that has built a strong fan base along the way.  Matching the morbid elements of the music, Control is a bit of a troubled character to say the least, often described as nihilistic.   He is also a man who decides he wants to end his current life, and sets out to London to indulge in all of the darkness the world has to offer.  Now in 2014 Control has released his fourth studio album titled The Neuromancer, on his label Control Records. The album takes you back before the three previous and is about the beginning story of Control, as told in his book Revelator.

With The Neuromancer it is safe to say Control’s writing and producing has evolved, and given him the ability to create a record that sounds as if everything is flawlessly molded together.  The first single being “Illuminator” features Black Veil Brides front man, Andy Biersack.  The track proves Control’s ability to tell a story while keep you dancing the entire time. Keeping what may, or may not be listeners best dance moves going is the tune “Revelator”.  This track grabs the audience and shows off some haunting backing vocals provided by bassist Kenneth Fletcher.  “The Filth and the Fetish” brings a darker and heavier sound with a trance inducing beat and riff.  Counteracting matters and keeping the album balanced are tracks like “Where the Angels Burn” and “Passenger” where Control’s style is calming. The first being a love song, including a bit of spoken word and the latter brings in the piano to remind listeners just how romantic Control’s sound can be.

The Neuromancer’s style and textures can be compared to New Order, Depeche Mode, and other dark wave, synthpop/electronic artists. However, it is safe to say while Control is heavily influenced by classic new wave and darkwave he is creating a path all his own. As time has gone on, his vocals have become more clean and the music behind him has created something that just falls right into place each time. CrypticRock gives The Neuromancer 5 out of 5 stars.

The Neuromancer Cover  - William Control - The Neuromancer (Album review)

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