Win a copy of Righteous Vendetta’s “The Fire Inside”

Win a copy of Righteous Vendetta’s “The Fire Inside”

In 2013 Hard Rock band Righteous Vendetta released their eye-opening album The Fire Inside. Now you can win a copy of this epic transforming album by the band here on CrypticRock. Simply tell us your favorite Righteous Vendetta track and why in the comment section.


Win will be announced via email. If winner does not reply within 24 hours the next contestant will be chosen for the prize.

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  • Brad Spear
    Posted at 23:59h, 23 April Reply

    My favorite track is Defiance. The song is just awesome!

  • Stephen
    Posted at 00:01h, 24 April Reply

    “With Love” is my favorite track because of the way the song speaks to the listener. The lyrics are well said and put. Because with love nothing can stop you. I also like it cus of the guitars how they sound and the drums and the bass it’s all great it’s a great song!!

  • Danielle Brigaman
    Posted at 00:03h, 24 April Reply

    Harder to breathe is my favorite righteous vendetta song. The lyrics and the rawness of the song just amazes me.

  • Taylor Temple
    Posted at 00:03h, 24 April Reply

    My favorite song by Righteous Vendetta is Take Over because the lyrics are powerful. Whenever I listen to this song i always get pumped up, especially when playing Call of Duty. Overall the song and the band are amazing.

  • Bethany Barnes
    Posted at 00:05h, 24 April Reply

    Fight Back has to be my favorite! I love the lyrics and the beat!

  • Treah Randall
    Posted at 00:05h, 24 April Reply

    My favorite track is probably “What You’ve Done” it’s an amazing song and extremely relevant to my life right now. I feel a deep personal connection with it and it helps me feel better when I feel sad

  • Ashley Williams
    Posted at 00:26h, 24 April Reply

    Take Over most definitely. Let the flame come and take you in. It only burns for a moment. Theme song for my life

  • Melinda Ebert
    Posted at 00:33h, 24 April Reply

    My favorite song on that album is Defiance. It was released at the beginning of a time when I started battling a lot in my life and has become somewhat of a theme song for me.

  • joshua huncheck
    Posted at 00:46h, 24 April Reply

    Defiance with out a doubt! This song hits hard. I blare it with my subs all the time and love the looks i get and find out who the real fans are when they rock out to it on the streets. Love the lyrical and instrumental genius they laid out for this song.

  • Hawke
    Posted at 00:54h, 24 April Reply

    I only recently heard of RV and the video was The Fire Inside which I think is such a cool song that gets me through of all the struggles and need reminding that that fire is the will to get back up and fight.

  • Samantha
    Posted at 00:57h, 24 April Reply

    “the fire inside” – it was the song that got me hooked on RV

  • Andrew Coultas
    Posted at 01:06h, 24 April Reply

    My favorite RV song would probably be “John The Revelator” mostly because it’s heavier than their newer stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I like their new stuff, it’s still pretty sick! I also like “The Dawning”, “Rextryon”, and “A Breath Beneath”.

  • Topher Parks
    Posted at 01:13h, 24 April Reply

    Take Over is my favorite of theirs just because of how focused that song was. Very dialed in, and they seemed to be starting to find the best sound for their band on that EP.

  • Courtney
    Posted at 01:20h, 24 April Reply

    I have to say that Defiance has to be my favorite song. As Christians, we fight a never-ending battle day in and day out against a power that we can’t see, and that can be the scariest thing in the universe. There are demons, there are enemies, there is a devil out there who is warring against us every day, and he uses the most evil, horrid acts to break our spirits and drag us to hell with him.
    My favorite line in “Defiance” is “Great is the power of violence, but greater is the power of defiance!” This year especially, Satan has attacked my family and friends through cancer, death, divorce, and sickness. He has done everything he could to break us. But God has given us the strength to stand against him at every turn and be “the ones who spread history in the making.” We are warriors!!

  • Caleb Garza
    Posted at 01:34h, 24 April Reply

    My favorite track is “With Love”. The musicianship works so well with the passion in the lyrics. It gives me chills when I listen to it because it’s such a simple message, yet it’s so powerful! Whenever I hear it, I cannot help but sing it out at the top of my lungs…great track, and awesome album!

  • David Rose
    Posted at 01:45h, 24 April Reply

    My favorite track off of this album is This Pain! The reason for that is because I really like the message in the song and the groove just gives me chills and want to move around!

  • Jo church
    Posted at 01:45h, 24 April Reply

    It’s hard to pick a favorite but I am going with ” With Love” because I like the lyrics.

  • Kerry Kozitzki
    Posted at 01:48h, 24 April Reply

    Defiance Hell yeah !!!!!

  • Suzie Soule
    Posted at 01:50h, 24 April Reply

    I love With Love. The song has such a powerful message but rocks hard.

  • Preston Coon
    Posted at 01:57h, 24 April Reply

    My favorite song is losing control. I am a huge fan of the drums and Zack Goggins killed it.

  • John Harlan
    Posted at 01:58h, 24 April Reply

    my favorite RV song is “Hard to Breathe” because it’s powerful vocals blazing guitar and killer drums \m/

  • Tyler Patten
    Posted at 02:02h, 24 April Reply

    Defiance is my absolute favorite song by them. The anthem like melodies and the message of going against the way of the world and the grain of society gets my blood going and ready for my day.

  • Kea Hadland
    Posted at 02:12h, 24 April Reply

    My favourite track is ‘With Love’ because the lyrics are really moving, inspirational and impacting. “We have the power to change the world! With our love, with our love!!”

    Totally love it!

  • Amanda Katie
    Posted at 04:01h, 24 April Reply

    My favorite track is This Love, I fell in love hearing it live and then further in love with that song taking walks and just feeling in my heart the love of God and the heartbreak that as Christians we rarely display that Love. We really could change the world with our love. It’s what we are supposed to be known for!

  • Birdie Wood
    Posted at 04:11h, 24 April Reply

    I think my favorite is “With Love” because of the way it highlights the transformational power and world-changing impact of real and unconditional love.

  • David Wood
    Posted at 04:17h, 24 April Reply

    “Take Over” is definately my favorite. Great song to drive to.

  • Ethan Wood
    Posted at 04:22h, 24 April Reply

    Take Over It is just Incredible.

  • Ben
    Posted at 12:49h, 24 April Reply

    I really like “For the Skeptic.” The lyrics are amazing, they bring me to a place of submission before the King.

  • Emily Judge
    Posted at 15:43h, 24 April Reply

    The Fire Inside is the one song that I’ve heard and I have to say that I love it! Life has its share of ups and downs, however this song really reminded me of how important it is to never give up. It came out around the time that I had escaped from an abusive relationship and though it has taken a lot of time, this song has been really encouraging as I learned how to move past the insecurities and doubts. Thank you, RV.

  • Raphael
    Posted at 18:29h, 24 April Reply

    Ma favorite RV track is “Jon, The Revelator” because the rhythm and the rap-scream parts are amazing!

  • Brant Meyer
    Posted at 19:12h, 24 April Reply

    My favorite songs is Take Over! I fell in love with these guys when they toured with TFK. They were an amazing band live and Zack made it so much better! Meeting them after the show was awesome and they all signed my poster! Zack Groggins has been a huge inspiration to me listening to him drum and DMing him on Instagram! These guys make incredible music and bring am incredible stage presence!

  • Jake rivet
    Posted at 19:35h, 24 April Reply

    John, the revelator,that song just has a powerful message behind it and it says so much

  • Isaiah Cress
    Posted at 21:35h, 24 April Reply

    What You’ve Done!!!

  • Willie O'marra
    Posted at 04:43h, 25 April Reply

    so long this song reminds me of leaving all the troubles and regrets I’ve had and heading to God

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