Win A Neurotic November Signed T-shirt

Miami Florida’s Neurotic November’s album Fighting Words is out now.Enter to win a size large t-shirt signed by all the members. Simply tell us your favorite track on Fighting Words. Whomever has the best answer will win the t-shirt!

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  • Everglades, truly the best.. but every song is single worthy.. neurotic November is the new style

  • My favorite song on fighting words would have to be Everglades, the guitar drops throughout the whole album are amazing and this album overall is leaps and bounds better than Annunaki. The production is a million times better. “You woke up in the back of a Cadillac In a potato sack that went tick tak tick, the trunk too tight you barely fit, the smell of onions made you sick” 🙂

  • To say I have a one favorite track on fighting words would be an understatement. The whole album is my favorite track. I first met Dee Dee and Bear, 2 years ago in October when they were touring with Twiztid. They caught my attention, and gained a loyal fan. When their album dropped, I was quick to purchase it and even do screenshots of the “truth about you” video which gained the attention of the band. But I think in terms of what song has meant the most to me has to go to “on the come up”. The ferocious sounds being played and the sick lyricism of Dirty, Bear, and Nig made the track so much more enjoyable. Not only that but it’s an anthem, an anthem to people truly on the rise to whatever they desire most. And that’s what I look at Neurotic November as. A band that is doing their best to be on the come up and become what they truly want to be.

  • My favorite track off of the album would be undoubtedly Everglades 🙂 that shit goes hard in the fucking paint!!

  • That’s a hard one between Everglades and Wasabi Anguish Pt.II, both such amazing tracks, but I think Everglades wins just a bit more because that break down is straight motherfucking brutal!!!! I love you guys 10000% support all the way!

    • It’s a tie between truth about you and on the come up. If I listen to them while playing bo3, it’s a guarantee I dominate.

  • All of them.
    No but seriously Truth About You has gotta be it. My band Signal the Slaughter has opened for them twice here in MI, and everytime they were such nice people and were actually interested in our music. Props to them for being genuine.

  • Made In Dade. My MaryJane mind writes this comment like its scripture, Neurotic November bring the Miami heat into the winter. Chill, cold and always bold. Stay sick my friends.

  • Dudes and Dudettes!!!!!! I absolutely love the sound and the energy!!!! Neurotic November is definitely a band on my list to see and to roco out with!!!!!! Keep up the momentum and take over the world!!!!!! …..every song I heard is f-ing AWESOME!!!! \m/!!!;

  • The first one that stood out to me was “So Hollow”. I can see y’all getting pretty crazy to that song. I am a huge Bear fan and would love to see her play ” Everglades” live. I can just see those crazy faces coming out. Ha-ha. Great Job with the CD. I also like the lyrics to 2004-present. I’m in def need of a gym session listening to this CD. Haven’t had the chance yet.

  • I’d have to say that my favorite song is everglades, although the whole album is freaking awesome!

  • You guys are awesome. I met you guys at the wizard saloon in hickory NC. I like the entire album.

  • I just want to say i love you guys and I really love Bear. Being a female that plays In a metal band is hard and you give women like me hope. People already make bass seem like it’s not important and since I (like you) also play bass people used to make me feel me and my instrument were nothing. And I wanted to quit and give up music entirely but ever since I saw you. I knew I could do it. I know all women can do it. And to be honest I don’t need the shirt or signature, even though it maybe pretty awesome to have but a rolemodel and inspiration like you is all us gals need in this male dominated metal game.

    I love you bear and keep paving the way to show these boys what’s up \m/

  • I’m digging On The Come Up right now. But it changes week to week. Realy the whole album is great.

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