Wishing For a Dream (Movie Review)

Wishing For a Dream (Movie Review)

Set for release on January 29th in VOD via Benetone Films is Jared Cohn written and directed film entitled Wishing For a Dream. Starring Sara Malakul Lane (Pernicious 2015, Kickboxer Vengeance 2016), as young struggling actress Mika Andrews, she lives in Hollywood with her boyfriend, Louis Digman, played by Cohn.

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Like many actors in Hollywood, Mika cannot get work, and Louis cannot sell his screenplay. Reluctantly, Mika borrows more money off her father with the promise as soon as she gets work she will pay him back. After many failed auditions, Mika parties with her best friend, Lily (Nicole Alexandra Shipley: Boomerang Returns 2015, All Saints Eve 2015), which relieves some frustration and tension. Though it does not fix Mika’s unexplained insomnia, mostly likely linked to stress. Louis fails to sell his movie script, but continues to keep trying. Finally, he finds someone willing to buy his script, and hire Mika to play a part in the movie. The producer provides Louis with a wad of cash for start up funds. The two’s prayers are answered.

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Wishing For a Dream appears to be a vehicle to further introduce the rising star Lane to audiences, star of Cohn’s upcoming release Kickboxer: Vengeance. Furthermore, it showcases Cohn’s writing, directing, acting skills, plus he does stunts. As such, the film fails to stick to a genre, with Act 1 encompassing the entire film and the ending comes suddenly when all their problems solved. Nothing of significance happens to Mika aside from insomnia and coming down from drugs. There are no real struggles, risks, or challenges for either Mika or Louis.

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The cinematography of Wishing For a Dream is solid, which does not make up for the lack of plot. Filming took place in Los Angeles, California, and quite a few iconic sites pop up. The major grip with the film is the middle of the story is seriously lacking, the only interesting part is the suggested relationship between Mika and Lily. Spectacular films have been made on low budgets, while maximizing the experience and skills of writers and directors. With that said, Wishing For a Dream lacks punch and purpose, the story has potential, but is not there yet. Nonetheless, there remains a bright future for Cohen and Lane. CrypticRock.com gives Wishing For a Dream 1.5 out of 5 stars.

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