Would You Like To Try Again? (Short Movie Review)

Video gaming is an eternally expanding industry that is thought to be worth almost ninety billion dollars by 2020. From its humble beginnings with games like Pong, the modern video game is a marvel that transcends everything conceivable. These thoughts in mind, the new short film Would You Like To Try Again?  is a treat for any and all who appreciate the magic of a vintage game.

Would You Like to Try Again? still.

Making its world premiere at the 2019 Dances With Films Festival on Sunday, June 16th, written/directed by Michael Felker (Save and Continue 2018), the film stars Kate Buatti (Blue Jay Hearts 2018, Milk and Cookies: Walter’s Revenge 2018) and Olivia Stuck (Last Vegas 2013, Girl Meets World series) as a pair of sisters coping with a tragic loss. Through the use of video games, Buatti’s character, Jennifer, is gifted a second chance to help her sister Rachel in troubling times.

It all begins with Jennifer discovering an open arcade, though nearly devoid of people, there are endless games to capture her heart. The sounds of the arcade and its games is bewitching. A game with the name scratched off the top and seemingly out of commission spurs to life. The quarter she inserts rattles inside the old machine before it dies once again only to turn on with directions moments later. The game draws her in and offers an unforeseen chance. Her vexation with the machine and her situation is palpable as she repeatedly attempts to get it right.

Would You Like to Try Again? still.

Though her performance is brief and her lines minimal, Buatti is consistent and authentic in her performance. The appearance of Rachel, Stuck’s character, is a serendipitous addition to the plot and truly brings the story into perspective. Additionally, the sound effects co-exist with the visuals and build the small but faithful world bit by bit.

Overall, Would You Like to Try Again?’s style is clean and uncrowded, resulting in a well-rounded piece for all to enjoy. Heavily exploring the themes of second chances and occurs in a perfect situation to do so, Cryptic Rock gives it 4 out of 5 stars. 

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