Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (Movie Review)

The murderous brothers, Three Finger (Stunt Man/Radoslav Parvanov: The Expendables 2 2012, The Expendables 3 2014), Saw Tooth (Stunt Man/Danko Jordanov: The Expendables 2 2012, The Expendables 3 2014), and One Eye (Asen Adenov: The Expendables 2 2012, The Expendables 3 2014) are back with a vengeance in the latest Horror/Slasher film released by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment on October 21, 2014 in the United States. Written by Frank H. Woodward (Working with a Master Series 2006, A Life in Film 2007) and directed by Valeri Milev (Code Red 2013, Re-Kill 2013), Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort is the sixth in the franchise and marks the return of the inbred cannibal monsters. High in the Appalachian mountains, surrounded by acres of unchartered woods, is the Hobb Springs Hotel. Danny (Anthony Ilott: The Red Zone 2012, My Brother: The Tennis Umpire 2014) has no family except for his friends. After suffering a mental breakdown, losing his job on wall street, as well as losing his friend’s money, Danny feels lost and empty until he receives information he has inherited the old Hobb Springs Hotel that holds a dark past.

wrong turn 6 3
Still from Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

He and his girlfriend Toni (Aquella Zoll: Flower 2012, Dairy of a Psychopath 2014), their friends Jillian (Roxanne Pallett: Lake Placid 3 2010, Devil’s Tower 2014), Vic (Rollo Skinner: The New Boy 2014, The Departure 2014), Rod (Billy Ashworth: Crumbs 2013, Eve 2015) , Charlie (Harry Belcher: How Not to Disappear Completely 2014) and Toni’s brother Bryan (Joe Gaminara: Crystal Skulls 2014, Pearl 2014), accompany him to check out the hotel. Toni thinks this might be just what Danny needs to move on with his life and clear the dark cloud that looms over his head. The group travel, somewhat reluctantly, to the Appalachian mountains, set among the woods and the hot springs, to the Hobbs Springs Hotel; a majestic building steeped in history. When they get there, they are met by the caretaker Jackson (Chris Jarvis: Mamma Mia! 2008, NCIS 2010) and Sally (Sadie Kathz: Good Guys Finish Last 2009, Under the Hollywood Sign 2014) who are related to Danny and seem overly excited at Danny’s homecoming. The hotel has a few other guests who come and go and often disappear altogether.

Still from Wrong Turn 6: The Last Resort
Still from Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Danny’s friends are not as impressed as he is with the run down building, but he eventually talks them into staying for two weeks to see how things turn out. The heated pool, plenty of antiques, drugs, sex, and alcohol make it easier for his friends to agree to stay. It does not take long before Toni and the group notice strange events going on around the hotel. Toni becomes particularly suspicious of Sally’s motives towards Danny, despite being related to him. Each of Danny’s friends discovers the bloody violent history around the hotel in their own terrifying way.

Still from Wrong Turn 6: The Last Resort
Still from Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Danny begins changing almost as soon as he gets to Hobb Springs and he accepts the things that happen around him with amazing ease. This alarms Toni, who tries desperately to get him to see reality and get them out of there. Will Danny balk at the links his family has to some of the most immoral taboos known to mankind and save his friends or will he embrace his long lost kin? Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort is not for the faint-hearted, or weak of stomach. It contains many graphic scenes, from the beginning to the end, but it also has plenty of action and not many slow moments.

Horror fans into into the Wrong Turn series will enjoy this installment, and those not too family will understands what is going on without feeling lost.  Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort is a good adaptation of a Slasher movie and it fits well with the rest of the series. It is a simple story that features heavy amounts of blood, gore, and shock, no surprises, but a reliable Horror film, leaving the viewer with an open-ending. CrypticRock gives Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort 3 out of 5 stars.

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